Spiral Tart

I’ve been itching to make this spiral vegetable tart since discovering it on Pinterest and ‘Straya Day was the perfect excuse to bake it. The mister isn’t very keen on *certain* vegetables so I don’t get to make things like this very often.I couldn’t get everything the recipe called for so I ended up using just carrots, green zucchinis and eggplant on mozzerella, parmesan and cheddar. I already had frozen shortcrust so that made things a little easier.




The cost of perfection is wastage

It was a definitely a pain to slice all the vegetables with a vegetable peeler and don’t get me started on the wrapping. The OCD in me had a good time lashing out and trimming all the strips to make sure they were similar height. Well, as similar as I could get it to be.

Note to self or anyone else out there attempting this: 

  • Don’t be a hero. If it’s your first time making this start small and not a 10″ pan
  • doesn’t have to be perfect because you can squish the veges into the cheese mix to level the field out and look like you’re a champion vege layer-er
  • Don’t be shy with the cheese layer. I made more than the recipe asked for and laid it quite sparsely, forgetting that the cheese mix eventually melts down to a thin layer
  • Invest in a wide peeler. Normal peelers are really good for carrots and small to medium zucchinis but when it comes to aubergines…. Yeah. The styrofoam textured centers didn’t slice as well so I had to slice them by hand which resulted in uneven layers and most of them too thick to obey the wraps
  • Check the kitchen for said equipment before you start. I found mine the day after and there was plenty of face palming
  • Wrapping can be fun if you have it all laid out. Next time I think I’ll try to stagger the strips first then roll it
  • Keep smaller pieces to fill the spots
  • Be generous with seasoning
  • Keep the leftover vege for mini pies
  • Have patience, it’ll be worth it

It was very much a #PinterestPass but there isn’t the urge to make it again just yet. :)

The leftover mismash of vegetable bits went into more pies. You can probably tell that the mini pies had very much less attention to detail and a literal chucking and slapping of the shreds on top. Ok, there might have been a couple of crafted rosettes. *blames OCD*

There was still quite a fair bit of cheese mix after making the mini pies, so I combined some self raising flour and a couple of eggs to the mix hoping that it’ll turn out more like a quiche… It was more like cornbread. Cheesy, dry and lacking the softness of the lush eggy goodness quiche. Husband still liked it so at least he was fed for the night XD

I roasted capsicums, carrots and curried pumpkin (which, I used for a healthier version of mac & cheese) too. 

It’s midnight now and the mouth is itching for a snack.



    1. Aww thankers! :D
      You should totally try, I’d suggest all zucchinis and rainbow carrots for a first try in a smaller tin
      Just had a look at your blog, and it’s so lovely!


  1. I’ve been watching ‘Mind of a chef’ on Netflix lately, and I have the words ‘So delicious’! In the main chef’s Korean/American accent bouncing around in my head, when I look at this.

    So delicious!


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