Café Hopping

Today K and me had fun going around eating different things and going to shops around town. 

There was a few new places we couldn’t get to because we had to reserve a spot, so I’m hoping to continue the hopping next weekend :3

Itinerary was so:

  1. Mosko’s Market – albeit expensive and full of haughty staff, thankfully the food was good
  2. Garret’s Horses and Hound was unfortunately closed
  3. Harriet’s Expresso Bar had the the right stuffs in my coffee cup
  4. SeKada, a nice homewares store 
  5. Harvey Norman and
  6. JB Hi-Fi to shop for a rice cooker. Not sure how I’ve survived so far with no rice maker
  7. Chemist to get some essentials on bargain
  8. Oishi-ya ramen for dinner. This place never fails
  9. Coles supermarket. Who doesn’t like to roam about the aisles for fun after dinner?
  10. Trampoline for ice cream. I claimed a free medium cup with my loyalty card so free ice cream can never be bad, right?

I’ve got a fair bit of writing to do with pictures from my little camera (finally got some taken!) but that’ll be for different bits and pieces due. 

Trying to microblog more just to keep the ball rollin’. Expect really odd posts and probably a recipe or two!

Hope you’ve had a fulfilling (yes, all them puns) weekend! :3



  1. Very busy day. How does a person make rice without a cooker? I use a small crock pot. (or make it not so fluffy when I use a regular pot on the stove). One day I’ll get one when I quit buying typewriters.


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