We’re a family of 3!

After a failed trial run we were contacted about another dog that had just got into the local program and the adoption facilitator told K and I that this was the dog for us. 

We’ve had her for just over two months now and we’ve (finally) officially adopted her! <3

She’s hilarious with her cartoon eyebrows and random antics. She’s probably derp level 50. 

She stares at me when I cook dinners and meets us at the door when we come home. 

Daily cuddle sessions makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like I’ve got a Maine Coon stuck in my guts. 

The other day she stuck her face into our room only to burp at us.

#proudmumma moment: we think she has had really bad experiences with cars and she doesn’t like travelling in it, much less getting into the box on wheels. Yesterday she hopped in and out of the car unassisted #likeaboss. 

I’m beginning to understand when parents gush about their toddlers.



      1. Nat, I don’t have a pic of Willow on the blog (yet), but think it might be time. I’m sure Ori will give yoose lots of love and goofiness!

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