Side projects a plenty

There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel for a couple of projects that I’ve taken on.

One of them has been a loooooong year of data entry and I think it’s just about finished with Part A. There’s Part B to do, but that involved a little bit of writing and some photography – so it should be a little bit more fun.

The other is almost done.

It’s the first time I started building a website with a new content management system from scratch. It was a nice small project to kick my professional development for 2016. Last year there were feeble attempts to learn CSS and some advanced coding skills, but you know… time and things just gets you and infests like piranhas.
(Still on my to-do list, perhaps in time.)

Somehow, also managed to corner myself into another project that I’m doing pro-bono, but it’s for a pretty good cause.

Apologies for the crypticness but the details are kinda under wraps with some kittens that just don’t want to let go of the ball :3


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