Derp Days

Like dog, like owner HEH.

I took yesterday and today off just to take a breather and to celebrate hub’s birthday. I didn’t know what to get him this year so I thought a sleep in and a pass from driving me to work would suffice :)

Been feeling a little compressed lately with the feels and the last 36 hours of extra holiday have just been absolutely fantastic.

Yesterday we tried out two new food places in town and got bits of paper work that we had been meaning to do since we got the house and the dog. (Which has been eight months or so?!)
I think we’re well and truly into adulthood now. xD


Today we just had a nice day at the dog park, then came home to keep chugging on the project I mentioned in my last blog post. There’s quite a fair bit of writing and photography involved, so it’s been a good learning curve.

Ah, we’ve got a new mailing address now so I’m going to attempt make the effort to send typed letters out again with our new address.



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