Doggone it

When I was young I always thought I’d be a vet. Of course I flunked school so that never eventuated. 

We would be out and about and there would be a stray cat that I had no choice but to pet. Stray cats was very common in Singapore, not so much dogs.

The felines always seem to follow me around, meowing for pets or food. It felt like it should be a Hiroyuki Morita movie. 

And since moving to Australia that’s changed to dogs! 

This big boofhead waltzed towards our front door – apparently he’s a true escape artist 

This sweetie pie jumped out of her garden last Sunday because some idiot let of fireworks the night before. 

These two cuties ambushed us on our walk :3

There was another pomerianian that we found. It was cute derp thing! 

There was an exception of this cutie pie that K found in the bushes in town. We nearly adopted her.

To more puppies and kittens found in the near future! :3


  1. Cute critters!

    Yesterday we had a faun in our front yard, by itself, looking anxious. It’s gone now. We like to believe that its mother found it.


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