Productive Saturday

It’s rare that I experience such a Saturday where things get done.

Woke up at 6:30 as it was my turn to walk my girl.

I have been testing a new mesh chest piece for her because she just spazzes out and lunges. She has been really good so far but she does walk a little slower the usual. Still really stubborn with her persistent sniffing though.

After the walk we got to the front door and I notice Ori’s gaze locked on to something. It was black thing across the street, perhaps a cat. I shoved Ori into the yard and walk across to see if the animal needs help. Turns out to be this lost cutie patootie:


He let me carry him like a baby into our spare room and was very eager for any pets. The little peanut kept flopping belly up and just leaning his very teeny body against my legs. I may or may not have 30 photos of the little guy on my phone.

We dropped him off the vets and later on in the week we found out he had been dropped off at the pound. I hope his owners got him back…

After that I went to a cafe opening. It was really official with *two* ribbon cuttings and got some nice snaps. The cafe was OK, interesting location but the iced coffee I had was terrible.

Upside: I got smoothered by the cutest pink puppy for a whole 5 minutes :)

Later that afternoon we went to collect this mammoth of a shelving unit.

We had to help the sellers shift the unit up and down a truck they had borrowed, which was really nice of them. (They also had two uber friendly dachshunds.)

It is a custom made unit from a home salon, made by boilermaker of a husband, perfect display shelf for my typers. *Finally* something typewriter related! A small part of the machines now reside in the living room, I’ll get you an updated picture once I have them all up ;)

To round off the day I got around to organising some of my art supplies in the newly appointed ‘Art Room’. I am hoping to return to more hands on crafty goodness later in the year, it has been awhile.

Uh, as you can see.. It’s more dog filled than productive, but it’s nice to finally have the house things coming together. :)

Now that was last Saturday. Unfortunately I can not say I have had the same experience this weekend – it has been a shade of poo and full of Netflix TV series… I think I finished almost two seasons of a new show.


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