It’s been a rather interesting month, I haven’t been too open about it but the short story is that I’ve lost my job of three years. Unfortunate circumstances, but ah wells.

Quick shout out to my friends that knew of the situation and have been there for me, there isn’t anything I can do or say to convey how appreciative I am!

On the up side some other doors have opened and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the time off to recenter and manage things at home.

The typewriters are out of storage and the art room is an absolute mess, but it is all there. The ‘Shame Room’ is the next on my list of things to tackle, and it should be good. My home is almost complete. 

This extra time has been really good  – the other day I went cycling around the suburb playing Pokemon… It was an oddly cloudy day for the dry Darwin season so it was a easy cycle around. Later that day I decided to take advantage of the opportune weather and cycle three suburbs down to a new shopping centre and do some leaflet dropping and maybe some lunch. My tire was a little flat, but I didn’t think it was too bad.

Google Maps said it’ll take me 20 minutes to cycle there, but it LIED. 

Most of the ride was uphill and I had to stop pretty frequently to drop the pamphlets. Made it to the shops after two hours and was waaaay too tired to eat. I walked around the shops for a bit and got the bike pumped up. By then I waslike a zombie, and made it home eventually. I did get lost on the way home.

Needless to say I’m pretty sunburnt. 😂


  1. Ouch! Sunburn.
    Saddened to hear about your job. I hope all works out for you with a new one.

    I found Google maps to be about 90% wrong in locations, directions, times, and even earth views. Yahoo! does a much better job.


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