Surprising the parents

Last month J said “oi, won’t it be nice if you randomly came to Singapore to surprise the parents?” 

Lucyk for me the tickets were pretty cheap and I locked it in for a 6 day trip. 

Needless to say it was a food fuelled trip 😁

Day 1 

Jetstar + 6am = not very impressed me. I’m not an early riser, and having to leave at 3am for the airport is the worst time ever. You can’t sleep and you can barely keep awake. The flight itself was pretty OK. On and off deep sleeping isn’t ideal, but I kept waking up excited to get to Singapore.

As you can see… I started day 1 with a fair bit of foods :p

Day 2

I spent the day with Jess for a food adventure. We started off at a couple of breakfast spots which both turned out to be closed. I wasn’t too fussed but Jess was pretty sad because one of the spots had the yummiest green curry pie. 

We were hungry and hot, and Jess decided that we should head to a little coffee place that she frequents… Boy it did not let us down!

What started to be just coffees and toast doubled to Nasi Lemak and curry puffs. We were totally stuffed by then. Not sure if you can see the coffee, but it’s got butter in it. It sounds like a weird combination, but it tastes bloody delicious. The beans are roasted the all the old school way, carmelised with sugar and butter which results in a creamy, almost like a hot mocha toffee ice cream flavour in a cup. The extra slice of butter doesn’t make you feel sick – somehow it just makes it so much smoother on your tongue. I wish I had a cup now!

The Nasi Lemak was pretty spesh too – the rice is steamed in a bamboo tray and the flavour is subtle and no coconut over powering flavours. I usually prefer potato curry puffs, but the sardine ones from this store was ridiculous. Jess loved them so much she bought a bunch for the folks at our next stop:

Sakari has been a place I’ve been meaning to visit with Jess since she found this little gem of a place. It’s located in the outskirts of town, quiet and quaint. You’ll know if it’s a great Japanese restaurant if there’s heaps of Japanese patrons there. We had a couple of sushi pieces – barachirashi (sashimi bowl), Aburi Engawa (torched flounder fin), toro nato with yam (fermented beans) and a chop chop roll – all which were divinely delicious and delicate. At this point I felt like my insides was going to be apart of the movie Alien special feature.

We had to walk around to make some space for desserts (gulp!). There was an opportunistic antique store and the uncle there was most excited to see us. He had this awesome tower of a cabinet that turned out to be a mechanical player that plays metal discs that I wanted to take home with me. Jess was enamoured with a military hand wound vinyl player. WE did spot a couple of typewriters! One was a Royal Arrow in pretty good shape, but it was buried quite far in a shelf that I didn’t want to trouble the uncle for.

We stopped by a hipsterish bookstore that had a Olympia SM9 in their cafe section. 

Our dessert place turned out to be the delightful French-Singapore fusion place Mad about Sucre. I’ve seen so many Instagram posts about them and it made me a little giddy that I was finally there! We got a couple of entreatments with fragrant tea pairings. I was almost falling asleep on the comfy armchairs whilst munching on the desserts, ha!

We walked around town for a bit and then I had to run to meet my brother for dinner then wait at home for my parents to arrive.

My parents decided to take their own sweet time to get home, but the surprise went really well and my mum screamed when she saw me :D

The next few days became a mush of foods, family and friends. 

It wasn’t long before I had to get back on a plane. I’m not sure to say it was a fortunate/unfortunate thing but my flight got botched by a couple of passengers and then the crew ran out of hours so the flight had to be rescheduled for the next day. By then it was closer to 2am and lucky for me my mum was still awake and I got to sleep in a bed and have another last meal in Singapore.

I’ve been crack-a-lacking with work since I got home, so it’s been really good!

Thanks for reading guys :)


    1. The owner of the typewriter wasn’t around so the other owner wasn’t too keen to opening the case… She did in the end, but shut it quick so I didn’t get a picture 😭


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