Small wins

Another month gone, *poof* just like that out of a rabbit trap.

I’ve finally got my head around setting up as a freelancer and it’s a green light and I’m loving it and counting every small win as a mini milestone.

Working at my own pace is such a fresh breath of life – my stress levels are probably more in check and I’m chewing exactly what I can handle. There’s times in the morning I just wake up and just feel really thankful for the ugly that has happened and that I have this opportunity to step on the pedal and work independently.

The ‘shame room’ is coming along very nicely as well, I’ve got half the things I want nested away in boxes, so hopefully there’s be some time for crafts and letter writing.

Did I mention I got a desk too?

It’s a stand sit one in effort to correct my terrible posture. It’s been really good so far for my back, but the persistent shoulder ache is back so I’ve relented to sitting on the desk like a normal study desk, hah!

We were pretty lucky to have got a very nice screen at a local buy, swap sell as well. The screen we had initially ordered is on back order till gosh-knows-when,  so this baby is keeping me company till then. I think I may have fallen in love with this one so who knows…

Another small win to celebrate – I’ve been taking more pictures at more food escapades and feeling like I’m improving at it even though the pictures sometimes all look the same, they feel different now. Perhaps it’s the new lens filter I got. I can’t believe I’ve been using a shoddy one for this long.

Sometimes I surprise myself with a ridiculously nice set of shots and I just sit there, grinning like an idiot. The usual zoom lens is proving to be quite a mammoth to cart around on a daily basis, so perhaps it’s time for an overhaul.

Till the next magic trick guys.


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