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“Well I was a big city girl of a tiny red dot on the world map and now you could say I’m a country girl living at the tip of Australia.
I’ve got a few loves in my life other then my typewriters and that would be my bubs.

We’ll just see where this takes us up to,

– Me

Well you can contact me at


  1. Hi Nat,
    How did the interview go? negative or positive? Did you manage to get the Ribbon carrier on the Tippa fixed? if not I may have an idea. Finally, did you manage to acquire a Rheinmetal portable? and how is it going?
    Lots of questions, lol. I enjoy your blog and I love that big roll of paper.
    Happy typing,


    1. Hi John!
      The interview was really quick – all over in about three minutes. :( they never called back so I suppose I didn’t get it. Oh wells, onwards to the next terrifying interview!
      Ah yes, I did fix it after reshaping the carrier for a good two hours or so (and about another five over the last few weeks, egad!) I had a rest and looked a it the next day only to realise that it was the ribbon guide that was out of shape on one side, and it was an ok fix then. ;)
      Thanks for asking about it! A girl came yesterday and took it home. She was mighty happy to find a typewriter in Darwin. ;(

      Yes! I finally got it only to find it in a rusted heap. It’s in a very sad state and I’ve only got about opening it up tonight. Looks like I’ll have to put a fair bit of work into it, and even make up a new case!

      Ah hahahaha, no problems at all! Thanks for asking. :) Type-In’s this weekend! So excited for you guys.
      Oh thank you for dropping by! I love the roll too. I think I’ll call it Rolly.

      May your ribbons never run dry!


  2. Hi Nat,
    That was good news about the Tippa as I know, from personal experience, that the ribbon vibrator can easily get out of alignment and also can get mal-formed due to careless hands
    Regarding the Rheinmetal, I have one that is in fairly good condition but the main spring assembly is broken so if you decide that yours is a case too hard please let me buy it from you but only if you are willing to sell.
    Keep typing!


    1. Dear John,
      Yeah I seem to have a knack of getting machines with bent ribbon carriers. This might be the four machine I’ve had with problems that area.

      Ah! Sweeeeeeet!
      I’m just having a go at it now, I don’t know if the main spring is working still, I haven’t got around to testing it – the string’s snapped.
      Mine is very rusty though. :(
      I’ll let you know in any case, and might just shoot you an email with a picture. ;)



  3. Nat, you’re the only person I could think of who might be able to help me. I’m dying for a PINK Royal Quiet DeLuxe. I’ve held off long enough but I need to add one to my personal collection. I can’t seem to find any under $500. Do you know where I can find one?



    1. Hey Karla!
      eBay has had a few recently, and under $500? You just have to wait for the right piece to come by for you!!!
      Press on! :3
      I’m sure it’ll pop by soon. :)


  4. Hi! I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! I love manual typewriters (and yes, I hate key choppers) and I have one typewriter (that was my dads) and I had another (from a relative) but I gave it to a friend. My typewriter is a Underwood Portable Universal from 30s-50s I don’t know exactly the exact date. Anyways, I really like it, it is well made.

    I will be coming again!

    A reader of your blog, Faith

    P.S. the typewriter from a relative was a Sears Tower Challenger (re-badged so it was identical to some kind of Smith Corona) I did not like that typewriter as much as it was awfully designed.


      1. I did check the database, a while back, and they did not have the number(s) I was looking for. Actually, I found two numbers on my typewriter: one on the bottom carved in the metal and one printed piece of metal screwed into a part by the typeset (it was off to one side). If you or someone else knows of which one would most likely be the serial number and what the one that isn’t the serial number is, that would be helpful. (or if typewriters are supposed to have two numbers and what they are)

        You are welcome to nice comments!

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