Happy Random Valentines



Coincidentally it’s Chinese Valentines Day in the Chinese calendar too! Shimmy shimmy double celebra-tee!
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Snow-whi… grey, right, it’s really a grey.



Slowly getting back into the swing of letter writing

Double Valentines, Sochi and ITAM, couldn’t this post be more packed?!
Onwards to the typewriter goodies!

A lady I know was clearing out things from her late mother’s home and found this *uh-may-zing* books and was just about to chuck it out (EGAD) and remembered a widdle someone someone that has typewriters at home. I haven’t had time to look through it just yet…



A ream of Bond paper and two books

eBay has been too difficult to ignore. Along side to leather goods for my craft adventure, I stumbled across a set of “Typewriter Mystery Games” that there was no way I could not not have them! They arrive a couple of nights ago and they are they the most intriguing things: they’re coming along to the Brisbane March Type In!


Set of 8 magic books




Epic fail concentration. I blame Sochi!


Lunch today: Fried egg, balsamic mushrooms with marinated feta on poppyseed bagels with some green things

Egad, the time!
Thanks for reading and have a puppy lovey V-Day everyone! ^_^
Till the next round of random stories, distractedly typed on Olivetti Valentine S




#OTTT is “On The Table Today”. Feel free to make it the next #OOTD (Outfit of the Day). :3
The new year brings change — so I re-arranged things on my table to make more space for frequently used things and put away things that aren’t really used. There’s heaps of little treasures in the cabinets, and there’s a mini Ayer’s Rock of envelopes… some how I have something like 10 rulers and 6 pairs of snip scissors.
Seriously, who needs that many?! D:

2014 will be the year I cut down on my stationary budget. By 80%. Fingers and toes crossed. I’ve also written down “using what I have” as a Thing-to-do-this-year. If all goes well and procrastination and laziness loses, this would translate into more postcards and letters… I still have letters I have not replied to from last year, meeep.


Stacked up the paper drawers and condensed my pots of pens to make way for the new stuff.


Picked up these non-slip spice trays from IKEA’s AS-IS corner in Singapore for $3 a piece.
I love IKEA. I love the AS-IS corner more.


I had to ditch my DIY washi holder after my Singapore trip – picked up some rolls of thick MT tape that I think will go very nicely with the letter decorating style in mind and unpacked some rolls of washi tape that were gifted to moi.
The spice tray are perfect. Non-slip, holds about 60 rolls of tape per tray (!!!) and the open concept gets me using the tape more. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to one tray. They’re like rabbits on a honeymoon!

So this is what I had on my table this week:


All for a friend’s wedding: made two stamps and used it to stamp 100 mini jam jar labels.


Then went on to write names for the jar top label, calligraphy style.
It’s going to be used for the seating arrangements.




So Typosphere, what’s on your tables?
Messy or not, I’m curious of what you have!

Keep it rollin’


I had much to type, but thoughts were evaporating.



*Typed on a Royal Model P named Blimey, in need of a new ribbon.

Fingers crossed for a job soon!

OH, post #100? Righto.
I had things planned for it, but messed up.

No. 94 post: Giveaway anyone?

I’m inching closer to my 100th post, which I’m quite excited about.
Right now I just want to make a quick shout out.


I’m going to be giving away five postcards to five randomly selected people, and they will all be sent come this Saturday.
So send me a email of your name and address, and what ever other shenanigans I need to know to get this postcard to you.
A hullo would be nice too :)

Winners will will not be announced this Saturday anytime soon, I like the element of surprise… let the spamming, commence!

P.S. Will be using Coraline. With purple ribbon. Yeah.
P.S.S Am thinking of doing postcard sets for Etsy. Yea? Nay?

First letters of the year

I finally got a space in the study so hubs and I can be in the same room when we both work and have the air conditioning running in one room instead of two. It’s an old computer table that had a shelf bit that reduced the work space to half and I never used it for the whole year I was here. It’s just been holding my art supplies and various other bits and pieces. We (just recently) realised that that shelf was removable and so I took it off and maaaaan, I have heaps of space now. Even the long bodied Valentine can sit on my desk comfortably.
I do like this table.
It’s got a sneaky pull out drawer that I use as an extra work bench, and work like a ninja.

I try to write/type letters every month and I get a little too excited and make up all sorts of weird letter art. This month I (started out with making inner slips for normal envelopes then some how,) decided to make postcards with scrapbooking influences… which I call “flat art”.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but it was pretty fun.
Here, I present thee with the first fruits of the table!


Mini postcards for the family! <3

And this is a mini book reply I made for a little boy in Singapore who made me a mini picture book called “The Silly Dogs” which started out with two dogs in the first two pages, then a couple of bones, then four pages of the new pandas in the Singapore Zoo which made me laugh so much for some reason.


These postcards and letters are on their way to their respective owners now — I finally got them posted on Saturday after much procrastination. Hopefully they’ll get to who ever soon soon soon and in one piece.

Happy mail: guess who owns a whole A4 sheet worth of Olympia typewriter decals? A dear friend in Adelaide sent them to me, and I LOVE THEM! I got to find a spot to put them up now. :)

And that’s about all I’ve done since I got back.
I finally unpacked the mammoth suitcase we brought back. Now to unpack my shoes…

P.S. All pictures and ideas shown are copyrighted to Natalie Tan of natslaptaps.
Don’t you dare.