#OTTT is “On The Table Today”. Feel free to make it the next #OOTD (Outfit of the Day). :3
The new year brings change — so I re-arranged things on my table to make more space for frequently used things and put away things that aren’t really used. There’s heaps of little treasures in the cabinets, and there’s a mini Ayer’s Rock of envelopes… some how I have something like 10 rulers and 6 pairs of snip scissors.
Seriously, who needs that many?! D:

2014 will be the year I cut down on my stationary budget. By 80%. Fingers and toes crossed. I’ve also written down “using what I have” as a Thing-to-do-this-year. If all goes well and procrastination and laziness loses, this would translate into more postcards and letters… I still have letters I have not replied to from last year, meeep.


Stacked up the paper drawers and condensed my pots of pens to make way for the new stuff.


Picked up these non-slip spice trays from IKEA’s AS-IS corner in Singapore for $3 a piece.
I love IKEA. I love the AS-IS corner more.


I had to ditch my DIY washi holder after my Singapore trip – picked up some rolls of thick MT tape that I think will go very nicely with the letter decorating style in mind and unpacked some rolls of washi tape that were gifted to moi.
The spice tray are perfect. Non-slip, holds about 60 rolls of tape per tray (!!!) and the open concept gets me using the tape more. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to one tray. They’re like rabbits on a honeymoon!

So this is what I had on my table this week:


All for a friend’s wedding: made two stamps and used it to stamp 100 mini jam jar labels.


Then went on to write names for the jar top label, calligraphy style.
It’s going to be used for the seating arrangements.




So Typosphere, what’s on your tables?
Messy or not, I’m curious of what you have!

Hooray for Randomness!

I had a look at my blog stats today and there’s people from France, America, Asia and Australia reading this ramble and that we’ve hit 1,000 views today! I can’t believe it! :D

Thank you everyone for dropping by and gracing me with your reading eyes. :):):)


There’s a great warm feeling in my heart now, and I thank you all for lifting my heart just that little bit.
I haven’t been posting for awhile because my brain would not just be sane and work kind of took over my life (I know, I know, working from home isn’t really work when it’s not a real job) and just being a girl just makes you that little bit crazier.
Now that I’m a little more normal, I realised how much I missed this little space in the Internets.

This is just going to be a smoosh of a whole lot of random thoughts since my last post.

1. I posted about a red Royal with a Vogue font and said that my chances of finding it is really slim. A couple days right after I posted it, one actually came up on eBay in the US. I didn’t win it, of course.
So I’m saying this now (because I realised I love the lime green one more):
There you go.
Hopefully in a couple of days eBay will be kind to me. :p

2. I’ve decided to sell most of my collection. I know there are people who would give my machines a better home then my over cluttered one. I’ll be updating the “For S.A.L.E” page and my Etsy soon.

3. I’m still on the stamp making rage. I’ve order two A4 sized rubber blocks yesterday (I think it was yesterday?) and I’m just kind of feeling a bit intimidated by all that space. Hmmm.
So I’m just using up my current stock and this is what I’ve been making:

Loving it.
My aerogram stamp set is complete with the airmail border. It’s a pretty cool design too. Hopefully it’ll sell on my Etsy…
The peony one was a random experiment that turned out pretty awesome – hopefully I’ll make a couple more and get wood to mount it on, and put them up on my Etsy.

4. Stamp ideas are taking over my brain. There’s a chameleon and a armadillo somewhere in there… and typewriters, and foxes and random doodle shout outs…
Typewriter tin designs have captured my eyes right now. I might make a series…

5. Why hasn’t anyone come up with a use-able word that rhymes with “orange”?

6. Australian eBay is having a nice wave of orange Traveller de luxes.

7. Is it lunch time yet? I think it is.

8. My hubby’s really sweet, he bought me more egg custard buns when I finished my packet. He made a round trip to the Chinese Emporium after work for me. Awwww :’)

9. There’s less than two weeks before the 10% discount ends on my etsy.

10. Today’s Friday, means tomorrow is Saturday: YES AH! DUMP SHOP DAY! WOOOOOO
I really wanted these from the dump:


11. We picked up a adjustable triple hole puncher and a awesome white Victorian wall lamp for $5 at the dump shop last week!

12. The new Spider-Man movie is super duper awesome. I kinda of want to watch it again.

13. Oh, wonder what happened to the corgi-duchund cross puppy dear we saw at the pound… I hope she found a good home. :(


14. I really want to have popcorn right now. Maybe some ice cream too…
I was going to say somethig else but I’ve totally forgotten.
Oh wait. Yes.
It’s been confirmed. My white Hermes baby is absolutely lost in the mail.

15. I forgot to mention about my first encounter with a typewriter right here in the Territory.
I ended up passing it because it was expensive and full of cockroach eggs and remains.
It looks better in the pictures, trust me.
It’s a real pity because it was a rare Bluebird.




I might just stop there and be on my way making a stamp now… Or just do the sporadic thing.
Hope you have a great day!
(or night, or great tomorrow day!)

First stamp cast

Well other than typewriters, I do love making stamps. They are so complimentary to letter writing.

Yesterday I had a field day.
I made a few stamps (mega loving them all):


Then I made Hainanese chicken rice.

Then managed four aerogrames (finally) and sent them off today.
Other than that, my weekend was burnt doing stuff.

What stuff you ask?
I can’t remember for nuts.

I hope your weekend was more remember-able then mine. Heh.