It’s Perfekt

Oh gosh, I never got around posting this! 

I spent today home, which has been very nice. Nanna-napped the afternoon away, woke up to find the hubs has got burgers for dinner. Lucky me :)

On to the good stuff!



Lucky for me the largest grommet size I’d bought were Cinderella perfect! They were taller than the originals so the locking arms of the base are just random swingin’ things. 

 Small side story about the grommets — they were well and truly melted into the base. The once pliable rubber was stiff like leather and proving to be like barnacles on rock. Using a small screwdriver to pry the black mess was proving a useful tool, using the long arm as a lever at times and the flat end as a scraper. 

At one stage I had my left hand holding this particular rubber foot and used the screwdriver to stab and scrape. It just refused to budge! I managed to shimmy the screwdriver head into the middle section and gave the biggest shove I could. Lo and behold the piece fell apart in tiny bits and wait… what’s this red spot on the floor?

With that shove I had taken a chunk of flesh off the first knuckle line of my left pointer finger. 

Bleeding was one thing, but then I found myself racking my brains when my last tentinus shot was. Of course I couldn’t remember, ha!

My finger is all good now, the scar’s just part of the knuckle line and a reminder to use a rag as a finger saver. 

The dual colour keyboard is still a mystery — I like to think that previous owner Nanna had a wonderful sense of humour or she did she have some sort of dyslexia that required the keyboard to be clearly separated to make typing easier?


In any case, this machine was worth the blood sweat and tears and such a beautiful addition to the collection. 

Thanks for reading guys ;)

Mignon 897




This arrived earlier this week, and there was a spot of time today to try it out on the Mignon 4. The plate is a little warped, but I think it might be a couple of the fasteners in the back set a little too tightly. Other than that, using a QWERTZ board was refreshing. The usual PFUGQ boards are really confusing!


This week has been really busy with something really exciting, fingers crossed everything goes to plan. :)

Short smashings with Mignon 4, plate and cylinder No. 897



The other pink un’

The dog got his cuddle :)

Oh, it’s dehording season!

I’ve got the following I’d like to go to other collectors who would really appreciate them:

  • Neckermann Brilliant Junior — has some paint damage but otherwise in tip top condition mechanically
  • Underwood Portable 3 bank — needs some work, serial number 8XXX
  • Deluxe Portable — I’ve fixed the top cover back again, carriage will need some attention
  • Olivetti 12
  • Royal Signet — in USA with JP, saved from a key chopper

Parts/salvageable machines:

  • Olympia Diplomat (Splendid range, dog issue, beige pebble finish maroon keys)
  • Underwood Quiet Deluxe (needs new carriage lever)

Send me an email at if you’re wanting to take them home ;)