Doggone it

When I was young I always thought I’d be a vet. Of course I flunked school so that never eventuated. 

We would be out and about and there would be a stray cat that I had no choice but to pet. Stray cats was very common in Singapore, not so much dogs.

The felines always seem to follow me around, meowing for pets or food. It felt like it should be a Hiroyuki Morita movie. 

And since moving to Australia that’s changed to dogs! 

This big boofhead waltzed towards our front door – apparently he’s a true escape artist 

This sweetie pie jumped out of her garden last Sunday because some idiot let of fireworks the night before. 

These two cuties ambushed us on our walk :3

There was another pomerianian that we found. It was cute derp thing! 

There was an exception of this cutie pie that K found in the bushes in town. We nearly adopted her.

To more puppies and kittens found in the near future! :3

Derp Days

Like dog, like owner HEH.

I took yesterday and today off just to take a breather and to celebrate hub’s birthday. I didn’t know what to get him this year so I thought a sleep in and a pass from driving me to work would suffice :)

Been feeling a little compressed lately with the feels and the last 36 hours of extra holiday have just been absolutely fantastic.

Yesterday we tried out two new food places in town and got bits of paper work that we had been meaning to do since we got the house and the dog. (Which has been eight months or so?!)
I think we’re well and truly into adulthood now. xD


Today we just had a nice day at the dog park, then came home to keep chugging on the project I mentioned in my last blog post. There’s quite a fair bit of writing and photography involved, so it’s been a good learning curve.

Ah, we’ve got a new mailing address now so I’m going to attempt make the effort to send typed letters out again with our new address.

Side projects a plenty

There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel for a couple of projects that I’ve taken on.

One of them has been a loooooong year of data entry and I think it’s just about finished with Part A. There’s Part B to do, but that involved a little bit of writing and some photography – so it should be a little bit more fun.

The other is almost done.

It’s the first time I started building a website with a new content management system from scratch. It was a nice small project to kick my professional development for 2016. Last year there were feeble attempts to learn CSS and some advanced coding skills, but you know… time and things just gets you and infests like piranhas.
(Still on my to-do list, perhaps in time.)

Somehow, also managed to corner myself into another project that I’m doing pro-bono, but it’s for a pretty good cause.

Apologies for the crypticness but the details are kinda under wraps with some kittens that just don’t want to let go of the ball :3


A short story by me.



So I bring pog for late walk. Turning around a corner we see a figure approaching us pretty quickly.

I’m not sure how pog will react, so I double up my leash around her chest in case she decides to lunge at it because she’s a big black dog.

And it comes closer…

And closer…
I’m standing like a pole bracing for impact




It proceeds to kill us with jumping, pawing and sloberry licks.
At this point, I’m internal screaming.

As if it hadn’t already stained me and pog enough, it puffs around mud for a bit and continues slaying us.


And then the unthinkable happens!



I feel like I have to make the most impossible decision.

Which puppy do I take home with me?
Maybe both?

Pog is dying. She’s getting chewed on and pawed at and sniffed at the inappropriate height.

She loves it

Then I have to excuse myself from the fun and games and do the right thing.

I knocked on the door of the nearest house and with a heavy heart ask “are they your puppies?”

I stop short at asking if they have a spare box or Woolies bag I can use to bundle them up to take home

The person at the door confirms its her puppy.

Insert sad face.

Pog and I bade farewell, broken and stained and continue our journey home.


Finally, the owners run down the street after us and lay off the vicious drooling beasts off us

We’re saved, and make a run for it home.

We’re OK. Pog is recovering and I need dinner.



Since the demise of laptop A.D 2011 there’s been a real struggle to blog.

The iPad was OK, but the editor was a little clunky and it was annoying to transfer nice camera pictures via work computer to iPad then resize and go back-repeat if there were other changes. It put a damper on the blogging mojojojo.

Hubby just bought me a little TV computer, a Intel i5 NUC system and a pretty snazzy Logitech keyboard so things are (hopefully) going to change and I get to blog a little better now.

Yeah, I named him ICHABOD.