The Pinkmett One



Remember this machine? My aunty had found this machine in Darwin and gave it to me!
In Darwin. Exactly. I know right?!
Never thought that there would be a wild typewriter here.

Anyway, after 8 months of procrastinations and dibble-dabblings (egad!) this machine got the cleaning and taking aparts in my crazy cleaning spree. Got home from really motivated one particularly hot Sunday arvo and started taking this Adler body apart. It took AGES! Being in a stinking hot shed baking in the sun didn’t help. The base plate had refused to budge, even with nudging from several screwdrivers.
The base plate finally popped out (flinging my little screwdriver to the other end of the shed) and my sore arms barely managed to air punch at shoulder level.

Chuffed as, sanded the plastic body down and dunked it in a soap wash. Then I got to cleaning the innards with new found air compressor that I am *totally* in love with. All it needs is a needle attachment to be perfect.

Primed and ready to spray: I did the spray paint shake-a-shake dance. Then the heavens open up and yells and spits. *sigh*
They obviously did not like my dance.



Fast forward to Tuesday.


I’d forgotten about the fumes — the last time I used a particular brand the next day was filled with blurness in the eyes and poor everything. Obviously softball training the day after was not very good one.





Fast forward to Friday.



Anddddd on the 6th day Nat rested. :p

Handed the present over on Saturday to a very excited mum, and I hear the kids love it! Well that’s another 8 month old promise fulfilled.

There’s a huge storm rolling in now, I think it be bedtime ‘fer me.
Thanks for reading guys.


Typewritten on kid’s new Adler Tippa that hopefully will last lifetimes to come.

Brisbane Hours 1-12

Hour 1 to 3

Getting off the plane was so good.
The sky was cloudy but the sun shone through and the air smelt different but good. Brisbane reminded me of Melbourne and Perth, and had a interesting mix of both. Oh, did I mention it was my first time in Brisbane?

Shuffling my hand luggage around I made a mad dash for the gate exit.
It wasn’t long till I spotted Scott K and “OH-IT’S-YOU!” exchanges he swept me away to proper typewriter hunting.


Brisbane CBD


What seemed to be a very tall and steep highway on a cloudy day

First stop: Woolloongabba Antique Centre.

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There was a whole heap of vintage and vintage styled items, many of which if I hadn’t had any self control or determination, would have somehow made its way with me to Darwin.
We spotted quite a few typewriters there, perhaps 10 or so, but none came home with us.

It was a sad that the first typewriter thing I saw was this:


The typewriters we did see:




IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0155

Hour 4 to 6

Scott took me to a nice cafe for lunch, the suburb name I am forgetting already! I think it was called New Foundland or something (sorry Scott!) Remembering what my colleague had said about cafe standards, I went for the eggs Benedict on wholemeal bread. It was very yummy, and I nearly didn’t finish it all.

We then made our way to Paddington Antiques — an ex theater made into an antiques place. We didn’t spend too long there and we only found a lonely Halda standard priced at $200+. Uh, no thanks mate.


Original mouldings grace Paddington.


After Paddington Scott had to stop by a servo to top the tank up.
There was a very large column of smoke just dancing in the afternoon sky. Scott and I couldn’t quite figure out what was happening, but a big something-something was on fire… and had been burning for the last two hours or so according to the servo folk. Later on we found out that it was a grassy floodplain that had caught on fire, probably due to someone tossing a lit cigarette to the dry grass.

Scott was very kind and generous to invite me to his home. His collection is something to drool after, and Scott was very kind to let me dribble over a few of them:


It was like being on that Oscar’s set full of typewriters!


Obligatory picture with the Art-Deco Lady Lamp.


We spent some time comparing the innards of the two machines and concluded that my green Adler was later made, and is it’s original birthday suit.


View from the couch where I had a quick nap.

Hour 7 to 13

Scott had arranged for Burrito dinner with Steve Snow and took two typewriters along for the night. I didn’t have much to do with Steve before, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. It was pleasant surprise when he rocked up with a ready smile and stories to tell!

Dinner was done and dusted quickly – the mini beef burrito I had was delicious, and I think might have been the first proper burrito I have ever had with black beans, brown rice and guacamole.
It had started to get quite windy too which was something I did not expect. I have a pull over in most of the pictures, how embarrassing and how Darwinite of me!

Ummm, yeah. Scrap that, it was typewriter time!


Scott K and his Adler Tippa in fancy dancy suitcase case.


Steve Snow and a Aristocrat Baby (right?)

It was barely 5 minutes into taking the typewriters out of their cases people around us were talking/loudly whispering about typewriters (pffft or oh wows) and how “cool” it was to have one. Steve had started writing up about the beer he was having for dinner and then we were basically inundated by a very excitable 8 year old. It was heaps awesome she was so interested in the typewriter and chatted non-stop about it. She, her two siblings and us oldies had little typing competitions to see who could reach the bell first and little spelling bee’s. Very fun.

This little girl looked at me grinning like a kid in a candy store.

I offered to type her a little story and she just beamed like the Bat Signal.
“Write me a story of an elephant! AND A KANGAROO! Yes a kangaroo!!!”


Scott wrote her a little thing about a shark and whale.


With her little trophies at hand and telling her parents that she would take it to her show and tell we said goodbyes to the children and left the burrito place, feeling totally chuffed to be the “Cool Typewriter People”, and headed for Coot-tha.


My phone does absolutely no justice whatsoever to the vastness of Brisbane city up on Coot-tha. There was a cool glow of the city and outlines of homes and tall buildings. The sky had little light pollution and shone stars like a champ.
I’ve never seen a combination quite like this before.
It was pretty high up on a hill so it was quite cold. The guys had ice creams (?!) while I tried my very best not to fail and freeze in the cold with my little takeaway cup of hot chocolate… and just stared out into the beautiful sight laid before us.

Steve Snow then invited us for a cuppa at his home, and showed us his collection in a mini type-out on his patio. I don’t have many pictures, but he has a really cool collection and we chatted about purchases, fixes and all sort of typewriter stuff.


I’ve almost laid hands on all colours of the Corona 4’s, this blue one just ticked one off the list. More about Corona 4’s in another post to come.


*Sigh* I felt like a magpie around this piece. Typing on a Noiseless was very different too. I wasn’t quite used to the “tumfff” sounds it made instead of the usual “THWACK”.

12 hours in Brisbane already and I felt incredibly spoilt.
What next of the remaining 10 or so hours Brisbane?

Singapore 2013 – CSHH

This could count as my first typewriter date! J and I hopped to Chye Seng Huat Hardware for a nice breakfast. It’s a very quaint place, and I do love the industrial interior design feel. The middle island is also a brilliant idea. Apparently they have great coffee, though I can’t comment about it because I don’t drink coffee. They have a great hot chocolate though! :p



Orange friands, scone, hot chocolate and J’s cuppa.


J’s trio of meats platter.

We scoffed our food  then whipped out the typewriters!
I brought my Adler and J brought along her beautiful Underwood Quiet Tab (called Skipper), and I had some quality one-on-one time with it. Now I want one, darn it.
The Underwood Quiet Tab is so handsome in the tux and the paper feed holders look like antlers on a stag beetle. The type feel exudes assurance and is oh-so-smooth like sliding along the floor on smooth peanut butter. Weird, I know.


The handsome un’s.


A couple of people asked us about the typewriters and had a go at typing


I really do love the pot like font and the slight curl in the numerals.


CSHH has cool stores in the immediate area – there’s a room right next door that sells coffee, a Roastary where they roast the beans (I think I’ve just made that term up!) and an art space upstairs!


I had a nice chat to this fella from Melbourne in the coffee shop!


The machines in the roasting place made me happy and sad. At that point I remember wanting to go home and clean my Adler up.




We didn’t stay too long as I had to run off to meet another group of people and drop off the Adler at the hotel at we were staying at. It was a brief meeting but it was SO GOOD — many thanks J! ^_^
It was like a little window into what the Brisbane Type-In will be like, can’t wait!


Very excited me. Yup.

Disney Surprise


on da’ way to the fancy dress party.
Masks are spectacular sun shades.



the first try out – a great success


Details, details.
I forgot to make a tail.



fancy that!


Typewritten poorly with a sore in the middle of my palm and on a wild Adler Tippa in white.