Now that we’re in our own place and making our own dinners to save some coin, I’ve been relying on Pinterest and Buzzfeed to supply ideas.
Currently all I can think about is getting some dice and a randomiser to pick what cuisine to cook lol

Thought I’d just park a few images for future references!  

chicken pot pie


Chocolate block braid


anchovy pasta sauce


pumpkin mac and cheese


vegan dessert of chocolate cups with chocolate coconut cream mousse


beetroot yogurt cucumber cups and goats cheese cake


cheat crossiants


rainbow rice paper rills


Cooking pasta in a fry pan is legit. 

Spiral Tart

I’ve been itching to make this spiral vegetable tart since discovering it on Pinterest and ‘Straya Day was the perfect excuse to bake it. The mister isn’t very keen on *certain* vegetables so I don’t get to make things like this very often.I couldn’t get everything the recipe called for so I ended up using just carrots, green zucchinis and eggplant on mozzerella, parmesan and cheddar. I already had frozen shortcrust so that made things a little easier.




The cost of perfection is wastage

It was a definitely a pain to slice all the vegetables with a vegetable peeler and don’t get me started on the wrapping. The OCD in me had a good time lashing out and trimming all the strips to make sure they were similar height. Well, as similar as I could get it to be.

Note to self or anyone else out there attempting this: 

  • Don’t be a hero. If it’s your first time making this start small and not a 10″ pan
  • doesn’t have to be perfect because you can squish the veges into the cheese mix to level the field out and look like you’re a champion vege layer-er
  • Don’t be shy with the cheese layer. I made more than the recipe asked for and laid it quite sparsely, forgetting that the cheese mix eventually melts down to a thin layer
  • Invest in a wide peeler. Normal peelers are really good for carrots and small to medium zucchinis but when it comes to aubergines…. Yeah. The styrofoam textured centers didn’t slice as well so I had to slice them by hand which resulted in uneven layers and most of them too thick to obey the wraps
  • Check the kitchen for said equipment before you start. I found mine the day after and there was plenty of face palming
  • Wrapping can be fun if you have it all laid out. Next time I think I’ll try to stagger the strips first then roll it
  • Keep smaller pieces to fill the spots
  • Be generous with seasoning
  • Keep the leftover vege for mini pies
  • Have patience, it’ll be worth it

It was very much a #PinterestPass but there isn’t the urge to make it again just yet. :)

The leftover mismash of vegetable bits went into more pies. You can probably tell that the mini pies had very much less attention to detail and a literal chucking and slapping of the shreds on top. Ok, there might have been a couple of crafted rosettes. *blames OCD*

There was still quite a fair bit of cheese mix after making the mini pies, so I combined some self raising flour and a couple of eggs to the mix hoping that it’ll turn out more like a quiche… It was more like cornbread. Cheesy, dry and lacking the softness of the lush eggy goodness quiche. Husband still liked it so at least he was fed for the night XD

I roasted capsicums, carrots and curried pumpkin (which, I used for a healthier version of mac & cheese) too. 

It’s midnight now and the mouth is itching for a snack.

An Aussie Feast


So I’m not sure if I tripped into a wormhole or something but how has it been 4 months since my last blog post?! Crikey!


The last Australia Day didn’t seem *that* long ago.

This year the office had a ‘Bring a Plate’ luncheon, and there was very awesome sauce foods. There was: cheese platter with homemade pesto, cold italian pasta salad, kale salad, sushi, chicken wings, tofu skins, cheese & vegemite toasties, vege tart, roasted peach and haloumi salad, beetroot & quinoa salad and party pies.

Very clever colleagues I have.



P.S. Thank you for putting up with 200 posts ;)

Been happenings

Oh hey :) Long time no see my friend! It’s been a little while since the last post, so a fair bit has happened.

  1. Main reason: been sick on and off.
  2. Other reason: I got back on the candy crush bandwagon :(
  3. I did think of using a typewriter for this post.
  4. Onsie weather is here, heck yeah!
  5. Just found out that I’ve been mildly lactose intolerant since I was a baby. Ergo combination sickies. Cue sad face.
  6. I haz to wear glasses now. Explains the tension headaches, migraines and general lethargy. Picked out a pair last week, should be ready soon.
  7. Been using the camera more! Finally spent a few days with the PRO f2.8 lens and the medium zoom 40-100mm. Some pictures on this post to come.
  8. Went to a friend’s place about an hour’s drive away for some yummy food and great company. Check out Your Inspiration at Home if you’re a local – the balsamic vinegars are AMAZING.
  9. 100 year anniversary Anzac day with the work mates. Really happy with a few shots from that take!
  10. Two great friends got married this weekend – one in Perth the other in Singapore – both we didn’t get to.
  11. Recently spent some time doing craft things. Felt really good.
  12. The hubby turned 30 this weekend. Spent actual day with nice Indian lunch and Mexican dinner.
  13. Poor bloke is so difficult to buy anything for so the next best present was to let him be Ironman for a half hour: flyboarding Glad to say he loved the surprise :D After a quick dip we went for the nicest pizza and wedges… then maxed out on ice cream just because we had the day off work :)

    how do you say no to a chorizo pizza?!

  14. I think hubs caught a cold from Flyboarding, he’s been snorting out rubber since then!
  15. There is plans of making or re-purposing a typewriter desk.  All plans for now.

Hopefully I’m getting back on the typewriter way. There’s a whole heap of things happening too, hopefully I can share sooner than later! ^_^ Have a great one guys


I was going to type this blog post on a freshly serviced machine this weekend, but a sore back has got me incapacitated for the last 40 hours or so. It’s no biggie, but it’s heck annoying when you want to do stuff *hufffff*.

The last couple of weeks has been really busy and fun in this end of the island continent country. October Business Month, as its name suggests, is a month long of businesses holding mini events and talks that’s business related. My office has had a good group of people come by the last couple of weeks to hear about attracting the right crowd to your website and cloud-based systems. That’s all fantastic, but I’m just going to talk about food now :)

I had the honour of preparing all the canapes for the events! It’s been heaps exciting, and fun experimenting combinations and discovering tasty options. I did a lot of “research” on Pinterest and a lot of them didn’t have recipes attached. They’re pretty easy to figure out, but I thought I’d pen down my experiments if anyone else wanted in some yummy and easy canapes. Here’s just some of the things we had with recipes attached: (sorry in advance for making you hungry)

IMG_1638 IMG_1641

Meringue Kisses with dark chocolate and pistachio dust

2 packets of pre-made meringue kisses (available at Woolworths)
1 block of dark chocolate
1 small packet of pistachios

1. Chop pistachios into fine bits
2. Break up block of chocolate in a dry microwavable dish and stick in the microwave for 20 seconds. Stir chocolate. Repeat until chocolate melts.
3. Line a tray with baking paper.
4. Dip meringue kisses in chocolate. Sprinkle pistachio dust. 5. Store in airtight container in the fridge to set.

Serves 30 people. Keeps in the fridge for a few days. Provided there isn’t a sweet tooth around.


Salmon Mousse bites

250g of packet smoked salmon, torn into pieces
1 block of Philadelphia cream cheese, room temperature
1 teaspoon of dry dill
1 clove of garlic olive oil
salt & pepper to taste
2 packs of water crackers
fresh dill for garnishing

1. Skin the garlic clove. Sprinkle some salt over clove, then using the flat edge of a knife in a raking motion, smush the garlic repeatedly to puree clove.
2. In a blender add salmon, cream cheese, dry dill, pureed garlic and a guzzle of olive oil. Blend until a smooth consistency is achieved. Add more olive oil (or juice from a lemon) if the mixture is too thick.
3. Fill a piping bag with mousse. (I used a closed star tip.) Pipe mousse onto water cracker and garnish with dill.

Serves heaps, perhaps 60 serves? Doesn’t keep too well, but can be prepared day before and put into piping bag. It works well as a pot o’ dip too. Oh, heads up — if you’re going to keep dill in your fridge for more than a day your fridge will smell dilly for aaaaages.


Cucumber Rolls with hummus and sundried tomatoes

3 cucumbers
1 tub of hummus (500g is plenty)
1 jar of sundried tomatoes

1. Using a wide vegetable peeler, make thin slices of cucumber lengthwise. (I found you get more by slicing the cucumber in thirds lengthwise. The cucumbers I used had very full seeds, and discarded quite a fair bit of the cucumber. Might use continental cucumbers next time.) Pat cucumbers with paper towels, set aside.
2. Fill piping bag with hummus. (I used a flat tip)
3. Drain sundried tomatoes from preserving oil.
4. Lay cucumber slices on chopping board, pipe a thin layer of hummus, then lay sundried tomatoes on one end.
5. Starting from tomato end, roll cucumber slice. Stab the thing with a toothpick to keep it pretty.

Serves 30 people. Best to make fresh, and be sparing with hummus, if not when it’s time to roll you’ll have chickpea splats everywhere.


Cheat Strawberry Pancakes

1 packet of Toscano pancakes (available only at Coles)
3 punnets of strawberries
250g (small tub) of mascarpone cheese
Honey for drizzling

1. Slice strawberries how you would like it. (I cut them length wise, but I would suggest doing halves.)
2. Stir mascarpone in tub. Fill piping bag with mascarpone. (I used a closed star tip.)
3. Cut pancakes with a cookie cutter.
4. On pancake pipe mascarpone, arrange strawberries and drizzle with honey.

Serves 20 people. Easy peasy pleaser.


3 granny smith apples
500g block of Tasty cheese
Bottle of beetroot relish (I used Beerenberg’s Balsamic Beetroot Relish)
Freshly cracked pepper

1. Wash apples. Halve apples and slice into thin slices. (Use a mandolin if you can) Keep in a dish of salted water.
2. Slice tasty cheese into nice slices. (use pre-sliced blocks if you can, it’s a lot easier)
3. Pat dry apple slices.
4. Stack cheese on apple slice, and finish with a dollop of beetroot relish and pepper. Stab with toothpick.

Serves 20 people. It sounds like a really odd combination, but it was a fast favourite!


Ricotta truffles with stuffed olives and pistachio dukkah

500g ricotta
1 block of Philadelphia cream cheese, room temperature
2 packets of pistachio dukkah (I had 50g ones I think)
1 small packet of pistachios
1 jar of stuffed pinto olives, about 50 pieces
Spinach leaves for garnishing

1. Pat dry olives. Set aside.
2. Drain ricotta of excess liquid.
3. in a medium mixing bowl, hand whisk cream cheese. Add ricotta and fold mixture until combined.
4.Chop pistachios into fine bits. Add on to dukkah and sprinkle a baking tray with dukkah mix.
5. using hands, cover olive with just enough ricotta to cover the olive. Roll in dukkah.
6. Store in airtight container in the fridge to set.
7. To serve, place truffle ball on a spinach leaf.

Makes about 50. A bit time consuming, but it can be done the day before. I made the mistake putting not enough cream cheese, and ricotta is quite soft and I was worried that it would fall apart, but the dukkah helped to keep it intact.

There’s two more events with canapes to go, and I’ll probably upload more pictures and recipes then. I did some cupcakes for a wedding and cheated on birthday cakes too over the last two weeks, but I haven’t got too much pictures. Maybe in another post, but that’s all for now.

I hope your weekend has been good! Thanks for reading guys :)