No Serifs Dear


I wrote that when the sun was still around — I managed to wrangle a letter from my fingers today. Tomorrow I should have two more ready to go, and more artwork done.
Later today a package came containing this:

You know I love my San Serifs. :)
More next time.

Pseudo shout-writings on Radio Mill Royal Arrow and mystery typer.

P.S. All pictures are mine. If you wanna use any of my pictures to sell a similar typewriter (or anything), please don’t. Please invest in a camera and take your own photos.

Happy International Typewriter Day!


Typecast on Peacherine, Royal Model P.

Dearest Typosphere, what is your wish this Typewriter Day?

I had a blog post in mind, but the words ran away.
Enjoy this while I go collect the words in a basket and unscramble em’.

Keep it rollin’


I had much to type, but thoughts were evaporating.



*Typed on a Royal Model P named Blimey, in need of a new ribbon.

Fingers crossed for a job soon!

OH, post #100? Righto.
I had things planned for it, but messed up.

No. 94 post: Giveaway anyone?

I’m inching closer to my 100th post, which I’m quite excited about.
Right now I just want to make a quick shout out.


I’m going to be giving away five postcards to five randomly selected people, and they will all be sent come this Saturday.
So send me a email of your name and address, and what ever other shenanigans I need to know to get this postcard to you.
A hullo would be nice too :)

Winners will will not be announced this Saturday anytime soon, I like the element of surprise… let the spamming, commence!

P.S. Will be using Coraline. With purple ribbon. Yeah.
P.S.S Am thinking of doing postcard sets for Etsy. Yea? Nay?

Coraline Looper

Finally got around doing some work on typewriters, and caught up to date with blogging.
The weather has been rather unforgiving, and I’m not quite sure this is a good time to fix and clean machines. Mmmmm.

Anyway, three typewriters has found its way to my place over the last week, and boy are they a mess… Another three of my machines are needing fixes and cleans – which hopefully finish up sooner then later, then I can blog about them :)

Wait, a nice package!
Wonder what’s in it….




It really is a beautiful machine.
She’s very clean and only needs a little bit of help for an alignment problem. (New problem.)
The type feel is even. There is no need for too much pressure to type, and the print is thin and delicate.
Dear Typosphere: Does anyone know the proper name for this font style?
It’ll be better then calling it the “loopy script” in any case.

A lot pinker then I thought she would be, and almost like a vermilion pink, but somewhat still a coral pink…
Ergo, the name Coraline!
(Also, a very cool movie. I might have to get a copy and watch it someday soon again.)


Bonus Prize: a beautifully written letter in a DIY envelope, ribbons, MARS postcard and oooh, tea!
I shall have some now.
(Dearest friend I owe you all the thanks in the world, and I know I’m over killing it with all the thankees but I shall try to fit as many as I can into the next correspondence :p)

Hope your year is getting good for typers – my poor shelf is full, again!