T-minus Brisbane

The week before Brisbane was a rather busy one — I think it was only one night that week that I had dinner at home. The weekend before was a combined lawn sale, where I had managed to sell of half the things I brought including five batches of Berry Oat Muffins that I had baked… then went on to purchase a Sunbeam stand mixer for $30, five bags of fillers for toys for $10 and three garbage *gulp* bags of clothes for $20.
How to say no?

Fast forward to Friday.
The husband asked me at work: “What time I’ll need to be getting up tomorrow?” My answer? “SLEEP IN.”
I had basically forgotten that it was this upcoming weekend that I would be magically transported to Brisbane for the Type-In.
Silly me.

I was already at work and heading for a company dinner that night, so there was not much time to pack much less wash the outfits that I wanted to bring. Lucky for me, the husband is well versed in doing the laundry!


This may or may not have been the winning entry for the pizza competition for work dinner. It’s a brownie pizza with light cream cheese and fresh berries on top! Oh, and ice cream on the side.

After getting home from dinner I shoved all I needed into my handbag and popped myself into bed for the 6am red-eye flight.
I had planned to bring my Mignon type cylinders and a couple other typewriter things, but I think Jetstar wouldn’t let me smuggle it in with the 10kg carry on limit. The Adler Favorit 2 is about 7kg!


The flight to Brisbane from Darwin wasn’t very pleasant — three squealing young families to the right of me, a lady next to me with no sense of personal space, a lady in front of me kicking the typewriter case and clipping my toes ever so often, a man behind me with a knee-jerk problem and the only 12 windows in the whole plane open, with the glaring sun over the horizon.
Everywhere else on the plane was quiet and dark… with most of the occupants catching up on some shut eye.

I was probably in grumpy vampire ogre mode, but it was pretty bad flight. I was very glad to get off the plane… which is another post in itself.

Singapore 2013 – CSHH

This could count as my first typewriter date! J and I hopped to Chye Seng Huat Hardware for a nice breakfast. It’s a very quaint place, and I do love the industrial interior design feel. The middle island is also a brilliant idea. Apparently they have great coffee, though I can’t comment about it because I don’t drink coffee. They have a great hot chocolate though! :p



Orange friands, scone, hot chocolate and J’s cuppa.


J’s trio of meats platter.

We scoffed our food  then whipped out the typewriters!
I brought my Adler and J brought along her beautiful Underwood Quiet Tab (called Skipper), and I had some quality one-on-one time with it. Now I want one, darn it.
The Underwood Quiet Tab is so handsome in the tux and the paper feed holders look like antlers on a stag beetle. The type feel exudes assurance and is oh-so-smooth like sliding along the floor on smooth peanut butter. Weird, I know.


The handsome un’s.


A couple of people asked us about the typewriters and had a go at typing


I really do love the pot like font and the slight curl in the numerals.


CSHH has cool stores in the immediate area – there’s a room right next door that sells coffee, a Roastary where they roast the beans (I think I’ve just made that term up!) and an art space upstairs!


I had a nice chat to this fella from Melbourne in the coffee shop!


The machines in the roasting place made me happy and sad. At that point I remember wanting to go home and clean my Adler up.




We didn’t stay too long as I had to run off to meet another group of people and drop off the Adler at the hotel at we were staying at. It was a brief meeting but it was SO GOOD — many thanks J! ^_^
It was like a little window into what the Brisbane Type-In will be like, can’t wait!


Very excited me. Yup.

Singapore 2013 – Beware: Picture Overload

It’s always great to go back to Singapore for a break. I didn’t take much pictures, so this few will just have to do.
I’ve put them in slideshows, so you will need Javascript or whatever magic for it to run.
First, I’ve got to get  this out of my system — FOOD FOOD FOOD!

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I got around quite a fair bit, and saw a few typewriters.


High tea, House at Dempsey Hill


A sad Royal Futura, Haji Lane


Dora, at a art store at Trywitt Road


We were lucky to stay in a really posh hotel this trip for cheapish.

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We also got the chance to go to MAAD! It’s held in a small art museum and local artists get to set up small stalls to sell their work. This round there was heaps of jewelry and postcardy stuff. I bought quite a few postcards. Something like 50 pieces.

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I’ve got so much more to write up, I might just do it into another post!


Happy 2014 Typosphere!

To my dearest Typosphere,
Happy New Year! And may the odds typewriters be ever in your favor budget.


Lavender and Gold L.C. Smith & Corona Portable 4, 1928.
Inspired by PANTONE Color of the Year 2014, click for link.

Happy Holidays for 2013!

Happy Holidays for 2013!

With all the love,
Nat and The Laptaps

P.S. Just a quick post — I have lots to write about, but I’ll been quite ill. Nothing major, just a flu bug that loves me little bit too much. I hope the holiday season is sick-free for you, where ever you are. Stay safe everyone!