Valentine s Day

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I thought I’d give the name sake a run today!

Oh, for those who are wondering why I have to mop the floor after Little Dog has been in the laundry:
She’s an outside dog and loves to roll in the dirt. Come rain she goes to every window or door that she has access too and either annoy us with the squeaks or tries to break in. When the thunder starts (or when ever she hears it), she turns into an awful slobbery mess that hyper-ventilates at the same time.
I nearly slipped and fell on her slobber today.

In any case, the day isn’t over yet! (there’s more thunder in the distance…)
Hope your day is going great (or was great depending when you’re reading this post) and your lovey dovey is doing a better job then our little lovely dog.
(Don’t worry, we still love her.)


Oh Singapore!

Just a quick write up on Singapore and Phuket.
I made the mistake of not bringing my camera this trip, but it’s probably a good thing, I’ve got over 300 pictures on my phone for the trip.
I didn’t put them all up here of course.
It’s a month worth of pictures squished into one post, and I took out a lot of the trip and tried to keep it as typewriter related as possible… Enjoy ;)

1st December
I finally get to meet two ladies that I’ve been conversing with on Facebook. We had Macca’s for breakfast, we laughed, and squealed over typewriters (that I brought over).

It was epic FUN.


The girls went home trolley full of machines, and I got the coolest gifts! I have them here and I haven’t had a chance to make a stamp with my new carvers yet, but I’m sure I’ll do it soon :D


3rd December
I got a chance to watch a local play “Hansel & Gretel” with a pretty wicked local twist. Totally enjoyed it.
And I got a free ladybug balloon.
And popcorn.
AND a cotton candy cone.


I’d forgotten how awesome the hardware stores are in Singapore. I stumbled across this at the store closest to me and my jaw was just sweeping the floor and I couldn’t help myself but send a picture to Scott.
I bought a few square ones for feets, don’t know for which one, but I have some in stock so I’m pretty happy.
I wish I had more time in there though, there was heaps of useful contraptions for a fraction of the price as compared to Australia… Hopefully the next trip in June.




And oh my goodness it is a beautiful machine.
I snagged myself a really good deal with this machine and got it sent straight to Singapore. The type feel was excellent. Smooth and light, and the key tops were flat so they had a different feel to the Royals I have at home. It was a lot smaller then I thought it would be too. First typing impression for a Corona – top notch thumbs up!
This piece went to a great friend of mine at the end of my trip – I’m glad it’s found a great forever home with a few other machines to be with!

11th December. I think.
We finally got the the Gardens by the Bay. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I kept smacking myself for not bringing my camera.
We only went to one of the two domes and in this dome you had to take a one way elevator up to the 7th floor where the indoor man-made water fall started… and slowly make your way down through amazing gardens and education points… we were totally freaking out being on the top floor. And walkways made of grills that high up? Eeeeeeehhhh.


12th – 15th December, Phuket


We were spoiled rotten in Phuket, Thailand. We stayed in a nice secluded resort and just chilled for four days. Wake up, breakfast, sleep, lunch, massage, sleep/swim, dinner, massage, TV, sleep. It was ahhhhhhhh… relaxing. I was very happy not to do too much.
Hubs and FIL did go to the shooting range though.

16th onwards.


Adler Tippa 1, green 4B Corona, and what’s this massive case?….


a SCM Classic 12 as a surprise super-early-birthday gift for me?!
Sometime ago I spotted this machine on Etsy and shared it with a few friends. I had just blown my budget then with the pink L22 with the interestingly messy script face and I passed this up. A little while later this machine was sold on Etsy. I didn’t think too much about it…
And then it lands on my lap (well its probably a really poor choice of words because it’s a pretty huge machine!) as a beautiful birthday present!
Will blog more about it later on, I haven’t had a chance to clean it up just yet. :)


The last weekend I was in Singapore was a pretty crazy one, I’d volunteered to help out with a wedding and the prep work was insane (but not as bad as my wedding, thankfully!). We went to the florist’s and got the flowers the day before the wedding and did a 12 hour stint just doing all the center-pieces and tying ribbons till something like 2 in the morning of the wedding.
Sometime in between the purchasing of flowers and vases and trying to find a bridesmaid’s (bride’s aunty?) dress I got a friend’s place (who was helping out in the wedding too) and before we did any work for the wedding she took out her machines.
A Remington Travel-Riter, and a Royal. I’d seen her Royal in pictures before, but when I saw it in person it only dawned onto me that it was a Royal Junior with sloped-top body (read more here from Machines of Loving Grace’s Royal page) and I got pretty excited. Then the excitement got killed when I tested out both her machines and they were both not working. Both machines had flat feed rollers and the Royal had other problems. Anyway, this particular friend loved the Consul I brought over that day. At the end of the trip that Consul was hers. :)

Late on the 27th night, I think.
(K you can smack me if I got the date wrong.)
It was pretty near to the day I was hopping back on a plane and I finally got to Karen’s place. She’s the writer of aitype@wordpress. We’re almost neighbours, it’s uncanny. I took the Torpedo along with me even though it wasn’t mine, haha. K has a thing for red machines and she loved using it for the little while she had her hands typing away on it.
We chatted, had tea, and I got to see her whole collection which was FANTASTIC. (Thank you so much again!!!!)
Two hours later (I think it was) we had to get home, the husband was with me and he was not functioning by then, haha. :)


Food, glorious food!

Okay, last bit, I promise.
Before I flew over I had a long long list of food I missed and was craving to eat when I was over there. I didn’t get through the whole list but I got most of the list checked off… and boy was the food goooooood.


By the end of the trip I was definitely full of all the yumminess Singapore could ever offer.
And I had gained weight, *sigh*

Oh, and patted this dog.
My friend was given this beautiful Shetland named Butter!


Aaaaand, that was pretty much my whole trip.
Thanks for surviving the longest post on this blog.

Typing up a plane



This lucky un’ got to ride shotgun while the other 9 sat with all the other luggage.


Yeah it was pretty comfortable on the flight.


a must have shot of the sun set that lasted for an hour. Or more.




It was also a nice surprise to find my old cat still alive. :)

Hallo lah!

Hullo from Singapore!
I’ve been stuffing my face silly with heaps of awesome food and been busy meeting up with people, so sorry about the hiatus.
I did type something up before about coming over with the herd of machines I brought over, but WordPress decided to crash on me so I gave up.
I’ll might do that up again later.

I’m getting on a plane (again) soon for a quick getaway and I’m feeling a bit odd being typewriterless.
I’ve had heaps of things I want to type out, I just haven’t had the time.
Heaps has happened here – I’ll smush it into the next post using a very beautiful machine I got sent here.

So for now, I got a friend to help me out with a machine that will be coming to me soon. He’s taken awesome pictures :D