I’ve got a nasty habit of collecting and purchasing things in pairs… Check out the suite of typewriter pairs I had at one stage.

My husband gives me “the look” every time we hit the shops and I exit with pairs of everything (sometimes multiple pairs, oh dear). I can’t help it, and I’m beginning to think it’s a real problem!

Proof of my OCD-ness is the horde of Model P’s. The most I have had at any time was probably 4 as per this post (two dark greens, one lime green, and one crinkled blue). Very pretty together, but I ended up keeping just three (Lime green, forest green and peach).

Two’s dandy but three’s a crowd for sure!


So how did I end up with three of a kind?
Honestly… I haven’t got the slightest of clues. :/


Lyla came first from Germany about 20 weeks ago. It already had a known drawstring issue, and that the ribbon covers were missing. The original eBay listing had the machine beautifully pictured, and I assumed that the keyboard was a German one. Imagine the surprise when it was revealed to be an Italian board! I got onto cleaning it pretty quickly, and I unknowingly smoothed out the rose gold panels… I thought it was funny look dirt then I saw it sparkle in the light. :(

The innards have odd rusting and oxidation, hopefully there’s a cure out there, somewhere.

I wasn’t game enough to fix the drawstring up till recently. I think the recent Type-In gave me written courage ;)


Fast forward to 17 weeks ago — this handsome bugger of gold and black turned up around Christmas time complete with original manual and in great condition. Went a little bit smarter with this one and used a toothbrush for the gold panels. The gold on the panels aren’t as bright as the lavender one, but still really handsome.


Then 3 weeks ago this scarlet mountain ash stunner of a smasher made it to our door right before I went away to Brisbane. It was a little bit of a wait for Scarlette to get to me from The States, the eBay seller was sick.
Gleaming innards, scratched hot body and a little problem with twisted cat gut is everything a collector wants. Wrangling the drawstring was a bit interesting but got it settled after an hour or so. Types like a dream!

Looking at it still gives me the shivers.


Putting the three up together made me realise that I have touched almost all colours in the DuPont DUCO® Finish… well at least in the base colours.  The cream and gold one is the only one in my to-touch list… or to-own :)

Be ready for more Corona 4’s! (and a manual)


J’s Mr. Green, Singapore


Steve Snow’s blue wonder, Brisbane


Ms K’s maroon madness, Singapore


Original size manual


Web sized manual

I think that’s enough Corona 4’s for the day, don’t you think?
Have a good weekend!

Happy 2014 Typosphere!

To my dearest Typosphere,
Happy New Year! And may the odds typewriters be ever in your favor budget.


Lavender and Gold L.C. Smith & Corona Portable 4, 1928.
Inspired by PANTONE Color of the Year 2014, click for link.

Presents for the Typosphere!

Well, it’s not really presents but I think it’s pretty handy — User Manuals!
Here’s scans of 8 original user manuals I’ve managed to get, with web friendly versions available. If you’re using this other than personal use please credit it back to this blog, I’ll really appreciate it.
Click on the pictures for the direct links!

User manuals as listed:

  • Oliver Courier Portable
  • LC Smith & Corona Portable 4
  • Underwood 18
  • Olympia SF De Luxe
  • Olivetti Lettera 22
  • Royal 240, Sprite
  • Sperry Rand Remington, various later made models.
  • Olivetti Valentine



Oliver Courier SCP4

Underwood18 Olympia SF Olivetti L22

Royal 240 RSR Olivetti Valentine



Oliver Courier SCP4

Underwood18 Olympia SF Olivetti L22

Royal 240 RSR Olivetti Valentine