Happy International Typewriter Day!


Typecast on Peacherine, Royal Model P.

Dearest Typosphere, what is your wish this Typewriter Day?

I had a blog post in mind, but the words ran away.
Enjoy this while I go collect the words in a basket and unscramble em’.

Long week = +4 typers

Yesterday I got so annoyed at all the pens scattered everywhere on the L-shaped table I cracked down and made a table tidy…. from a tissue box and a binder clip box folded inside out. (There’s a little compartment on the inside for the pens)





I haven’t quite got around to cleaning or testing them out just yet – next tlog!



She sits right next to Blimey on the typewriter mantle.
(Blimey and Peacherine are pretty close in serial numbers! Made in the same year, difference of 4,681 machines, Peacherine being the older machine)

I know, I have a thing for Model P’s. But look at the colour! I couldn’t help myself. :3
The first time I laid my eyes on her picture I thought “Geez that’s heaps pretty!… and kinda like a grapefruit no?” Of course then I realise that grapefruits aren’t really plum in colour and then realised there was a fruit similar to what this machine has – peaches and nectarines! The rich plum tone and the pale orange and yellow hues. Oh so yummy.
I couldn’t decide if “Peach” or “Nectarine” would be its name… so maybe I’ll go with Peacherine which is incidentally a real fruit too!

Now, where is this elusive 4th machine you ask? It’s sitting on my lounge floor, split open waiting for a paint and clean. It’s nothing fancy, and it’s a machine that I’ve had before.

Enough rattling from me. I might toddle off now and ketchup on typosphere reads and artwork that I promised people… Including postcards and letters I’m donating to a local shelter for auction. If you’re in Australia you’re eligible to bid! :)
I’ll post more details where there is some, but for now:

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend guys!
Typecast on Peacherine Royal Model P, 1930

Keep it rollin’


I had much to type, but thoughts were evaporating.



*Typed on a Royal Model P named Blimey, in need of a new ribbon.

Fingers crossed for a job soon!

OH, post #100? Righto.
I had things planned for it, but messed up.

Typing up a plane



This lucky un’ got to ride shotgun while the other 9 sat with all the other luggage.


Yeah it was pretty comfortable on the flight.


a must have shot of the sun set that lasted for an hour. Or more.




It was also a nice surprise to find my old cat still alive. :)


Okay, posting old drafts.
The “patient patient” finally got the thorough cleaning it needed (this is before I went away) and I did promise to write a little up of this machine. It’s not going to be much, sorry. :(
More pictures and a write up on Model P’s here: Please Pose P’s

I didn’t really get to fix it completely but I did give it a good clean.


I really did try to smoothen the flat spot using Scott’s method of hot water and rolling, but I think mine was to the point of no return… and I probably made it worse.
Anyway I did try the brake fluid and put it back together again and found out I was doing it all wrong, lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to find replacements for the feed rollers or just save up to send these ones refurbished.

It’s a bit worn on the edges but I love the color. I like to think the first owner was a complete rebel given the dullness of the 30’s (well it wasn’t dull, but the guys always seem to wear black or something dark. Actually, they still do) a spanking lime green typer would definitely turn heads.

I’m not quite sure what else to say right now for this Model P, so I’ll just leave this post with a nice picture of Blimey. :)