Kick, Smack & Paddywhack

Almost a season ago I went on a rampage a bought a whole heaps of machines… with not-so-happy results. Skip this post if you don’t want to listen to whinges and sad stories.


There was three machines where I caved in and decided to go ahead and purchase for my own collection… The lull of the fat slab serif of the Underwood Deluxe, the curvaceousness of the Royal Futura series and the everyday Adler Tippa 1 with script font were far too tempting this season.

They’re as common as pie in the States, and I’m sure with an extra arm or leg tossed into the equation I could have hauled the semi portables over to kangaroo land… but eBay AU was pretty kind to provide the three and I wasn’t as pleased with the three misses.

  1. The Underwood Deluxe had no slab serif and a broken return lever.
  2. A Royaluxe 400 that was missing that covetousness something.
  3. A Triumph Tippa which was really nice, but not what I was looking for.





Fat fingers won this Bar-Lock. My max bid was an embarrassing $949, and lots of mental kicking was happening. Lucky the win was nothing of that price. *phew*
It was a display piece in its previous home, and it was chock full of dust. The ratchet is completely shot with a piece caught in the action and rusted in, so it’s put away for another time. Meanwhile I’m looking forward to shining this fella up.





The picture says enough no?
It was a beautiful machine from Germany… until the seller packed it upside down and sent it across bumpy oceans to kangeroo land. Of course it didn’t survive the trip, and to make matters worse, the seller went away and can’t put the claim into the insured package. It’s a Paypal claim for me now, but the fact that saddens me is that there is no way to get the machine exactly as it once was.



I bought a couple of machines and paid the extravagant total of $100 couriers to pick up the packages and troupe to the lonely territory. A month had passed and I had expected the packages to arrive, but nothing came. Calls were made and then I realised that BOTH eBay sellers decided to be silly and not print out courier consignment sheets. On both occasions he couriers made it to their points of pick ups and left with no packages and neither sellers nor courier decided to call me about the failed attempt.
I did get a partial refund from the courier company (I used the same company for both sellers), but the sellers have yet to refund me the costs of the machines.

Really, is it that hard to check emails for a print out sellers? GAH!


Okay, I’m done. Need chocolate. Or a good FIFA2014 game.
Oh gosh Germany’s smoking hot.
Hopefully the buying’s been better for you guys.