I’ve got a nasty habit of collecting and purchasing things in pairs… Check out the suite of typewriter pairs I had at one stage.

My husband gives me “the look” every time we hit the shops and I exit with pairs of everything (sometimes multiple pairs, oh dear). I can’t help it, and I’m beginning to think it’s a real problem!

Proof of my OCD-ness is the horde of Model P’s. The most I have had at any time was probably 4 as per this post (two dark greens, one lime green, and one crinkled blue). Very pretty together, but I ended up keeping just three (Lime green, forest green and peach).

Two’s dandy but three’s a crowd for sure!


So how did I end up with three of a kind?
Honestly… I haven’t got the slightest of clues. :/


Lyla came first from Germany about 20 weeks ago. It already had a known drawstring issue, and that the ribbon covers were missing. The original eBay listing had the machine beautifully pictured, and I assumed that the keyboard was a German one. Imagine the surprise when it was revealed to be an Italian board! I got onto cleaning it pretty quickly, and I unknowingly smoothed out the rose gold panels… I thought it was funny look dirt then I saw it sparkle in the light. :(

The innards have odd rusting and oxidation, hopefully there’s a cure out there, somewhere.

I wasn’t game enough to fix the drawstring up till recently. I think the recent Type-In gave me written courage ;)


Fast forward to 17 weeks ago — this handsome bugger of gold and black turned up around Christmas time complete with original manual and in great condition. Went a little bit smarter with this one and used a toothbrush for the gold panels. The gold on the panels aren’t as bright as the lavender one, but still really handsome.


Then 3 weeks ago this scarlet mountain ash stunner of a smasher made it to our door right before I went away to Brisbane. It was a little bit of a wait for Scarlette to get to me from The States, the eBay seller was sick.
Gleaming innards, scratched hot body and a little problem with twisted cat gut is everything a collector wants. Wrangling the drawstring was a bit interesting but got it settled after an hour or so. Types like a dream!

Looking at it still gives me the shivers.


Putting the three up together made me realise that I have touched almost all colours in the DuPont DUCO® Finish… well at least in the base colours.  The cream and gold one is the only one in my to-touch list… or to-own :)

Be ready for more Corona 4’s! (and a manual)


J’s Mr. Green, Singapore


Steve Snow’s blue wonder, Brisbane


Ms K’s maroon madness, Singapore


Original size manual


Web sized manual

I think that’s enough Corona 4’s for the day, don’t you think?
Have a good weekend!