First letters of the year

I finally got a space in the study so hubs and I can be in the same room when we both work and have the air conditioning running in one room instead of two. It’s an old computer table that had a shelf bit that reduced the work space to half and I never used it for the whole year I was here. It’s just been holding my art supplies and various other bits and pieces. We (just recently) realised that that shelf was removable and so I took it off and maaaaan, I have heaps of space now. Even the long bodied Valentine can sit on my desk comfortably.
I do like this table.
It’s got a sneaky pull out drawer that I use as an extra work bench, and work like a ninja.

I try to write/type letters every month and I get a little too excited and make up all sorts of weird letter art. This month I (started out with making inner slips for normal envelopes then some how,) decided to make postcards with scrapbooking influences… which I call “flat art”.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but it was pretty fun.
Here, I present thee with the first fruits of the table!


Mini postcards for the family! <3

And this is a mini book reply I made for a little boy in Singapore who made me a mini picture book called “The Silly Dogs” which started out with two dogs in the first two pages, then a couple of bones, then four pages of the new pandas in the Singapore Zoo which made me laugh so much for some reason.


These postcards and letters are on their way to their respective owners now — I finally got them posted on Saturday after much procrastination. Hopefully they’ll get to who ever soon soon soon and in one piece.

Happy mail: guess who owns a whole A4 sheet worth of Olympia typewriter decals? A dear friend in Adelaide sent them to me, and I LOVE THEM! I got to find a spot to put them up now. :)

And that’s about all I’ve done since I got back.
I finally unpacked the mammoth suitcase we brought back. Now to unpack my shoes…

P.S. All pictures and ideas shown are copyrighted to Natalie Tan of natslaptaps.
Don’t you dare.