The Pinkmett One



Remember this machine? My aunty had found this machine in Darwin and gave it to me!
In Darwin. Exactly. I know right?!
Never thought that there would be a wild typewriter here.

Anyway, after 8 months of procrastinations and dibble-dabblings (egad!) this machine got the cleaning and taking aparts in my crazy cleaning spree. Got home from really motivated one particularly hot Sunday arvo and started taking this Adler body apart. It took AGES! Being in a stinking hot shed baking in the sun didn’t help. The base plate had refused to budge, even with nudging from several screwdrivers.
The base plate finally popped out (flinging my little screwdriver to the other end of the shed) and my sore arms barely managed to air punch at shoulder level.

Chuffed as, sanded the plastic body down and dunked it in a soap wash. Then I got to cleaning the innards with new found air compressor that I am *totally* in love with. All it needs is a needle attachment to be perfect.

Primed and ready to spray: I did the spray paint shake-a-shake dance. Then the heavens open up and yells and spits. *sigh*
They obviously did not like my dance.



Fast forward to Tuesday.


I’d forgotten about the fumes — the last time I used a particular brand the next day was filled with blurness in the eyes and poor everything. Obviously softball training the day after was not very good one.





Fast forward to Friday.



Anddddd on the 6th day Nat rested. :p

Handed the present over on Saturday to a very excited mum, and I hear the kids love it! Well that’s another 8 month old promise fulfilled.

There’s a huge storm rolling in now, I think it be bedtime ‘fer me.
Thanks for reading guys.


Typewritten on kid’s new Adler Tippa that hopefully will last lifetimes to come.