Robin Eggs

I still don’t get it how robin eggs can be such a vibrant shade of blue and the species somehow survives. Doesn’t the bright blue attract predators? They might as well be wearing high visibility vests and have those flash light things to signal the runway for planes.

Perhaps the blue was meant to be the sky.
Perhaps predators were conned into thinking that there’s a bit of sky in each robin’s nest.
Perhaps the blue is a sign of a sickly, rotten egg… so bad that all the other animals stay away from the pong.

It’s funny how nature is.

Well it isn’t a robin egg (or any egg for that matter), but this rocked up to our doorstep today:


Needs some work with alignment, but this Swissa Junior is going to be fantastic.

The Etsy Experience

The Preparation

A theme was announced about two weeks to the date. Of course I had a minor freak out and spent hours pouring over Pinterest to find ideas to fit typewriters into the Alice in Wonderland theme. Bought a stack of art paper and got on to making little origami things… I think it was something like 15 hours worth of origami folding and following how-to’s on YouTube.
2 flamingos, 2 rabbits, 2 teapots, 8 teacups and a mad hatter’s hat — it was totally worth it. Everyone loved it!

Oh man, those business cards.
It was a weary thursday. After a long day of work we dragged ourselves to the stationary store to pick up a few more things that I needed for the markets and the business cards that I had sent to print nearly a week prior. There was quite a queue at 5 o’clock but that dissolved pretty quickly. It was our turn — I gave my name and reason why I was there to the nice lady who was full of smiles… and it turned into a worrisome frown when she couldn’t find my cards. Somehow, they had lost the stack of my 250 business cards.
I did need them pretty urgently, so the printers offered to reprint it right away. “It’ll take about half an hour to an hour,” they said. Right.
We spent the next hour and a half just looking through every aisle in the shop and then sitting down in front of the counter looking like hungry zombies with death-like stares into the depths of mobile devices.
With what seemed like forever the lady called us and handed us a bag full of cards, apologising profusely. She had added in another 50 cards for sorry-we-made-you-wait-long-time… it definitely made me smile.


Etsy Sunday

It was an early start for us – we had to be at the grounds at 7am. I didn’t get any sleep at all the night before so I was just stumbling along literally chucking everything in the back of the car.

The Botanical Gardens is a beautiful spot for a market. It was quite hot in the morning, and during the set up I found myself needing to take my vest and hat off. The husband left me there after the set up and I went looking at the other stores just to see what Alice in Wonderland stuff they had done. I wish I had taken pictures then!


Back of the car


Chocolate cupcake om nom nom. Best way to start a market day!


The Natslaptaps stall!



I really liked how the decor turned up. I have a video of the table setting, but WordPress is being silly. I did a mock up the day before, and it’s on the Natslaptaps Instagram account.

Oh! The gold coin thing. Yes.
Ummm, I put up a small gold coin drive to raise funds for a local animal rescue group. People would get to keep whatever they typed on the small sheet of paper as a token. The typewriters were very, very well loved. Heaps of kids had a great time — there were a couple that were just ridiculously cute.
A 3 year old kid just typed the same letter the whole line just to get to the end. It wasn’t the bell sound that he liked, but the return action! He had the biggest grin plastered on his face. :D
There was a 5 year old girl that spent a good 20 minutes just typing out a whole page of nice sentences like “I love my mum because….” and about the school she was in. It was beautiful to witness the amount of concentration she had into typing the page and her smile when she got to the end, realising her achievement. Her mum actually left her at my stall to look at the other stalls.

I’m just really glad that a heap of kids had a go. Even the shy ones wrote a simple sentence or their name at least.
The drive was really successful too – the typewriters raised $142.50!!! :D
Thanks everyone that did put a coin to the cause!


Overall Experience

It was a pretty long, and hot day. By noon I was ready to leave my stall and stalk some of the food stalls for some lunch. The husband saved me with a filet o’ fish and a small sprite from the Big M. We had some delicious ice cream too. We finished packing up at 4 or so and got home at 5.

I’m really glad that I did do this — it was really fun and rewarding to see the looks on people’s faces when they saw the machines. I had quite a few conversations with the young and old, many reminisce about the old times and how the computer seemed to have revolutionized the print world.. and how carbon copy paper was everyone’s common enemy. XD
I’m still recovering from the exhaustion (plus the softball game the day before, which is another post in itself) so I might end this post with some thank yews.



1. To my awesome work colleagues for making it to the markets (with your dogs!) and giving me a break from my repetitive sales pitches. You guys are so awesome. Like, mind blown awesome.

2. Etsy Territorians for putting up with me. :p

3. Nascence Design my neighbor for all the silly convos! I’ll see you around sooooooon

4. Everyone else that I failed to mention. Thank you and sorry!

5. Drum roll for the last and most important person….. My husband, the only one to stick with me doing all sorts of crazy things and giving me reassurances with all the design work and inputs to stuff AND giving me rides everywhere to pick stuff up. Basically putting up with me. Truckloads <3 you.


Wokay, I’m sure there’s heaps more I was meant to say but that’ll do for now.
Till next post! :)

Winner Winner Monster Dinner!

Last week I posted this monster of a package asking for your guesses:


If you haven’t had a guess yet, take a minute to guess!

Here’s some hints:

  1. Not a Selectric… or any sort of electric typewriter.
  2. Wide carriage. 17 and three-quarter inches of rubber.
  3. It does not have ribbon functionality.
  4. It does have typing functionality, albeit strange.
  5. Not a braille or cheque writing machine.


Tell me when!





Yeah it’s the monster in the back.

Can’t quite tell yet? Here’s the pictures from the eBay listing:




What is this?
It’s a hulk with strange characters!
It points and it smashes!
It roars!
It terrorizes with its red rust frothing at the mouth!

This. Is. GOJIRA!
Or, you know it as Godzilla (ゴジラ), which incidentally, will be out in the theaters next month. :3

credits of

Yeah. It’s a Japanese typewriter.
Congrats Ted on getting the closest guess!

Quick details.
Brand is Kokuyo, model make TW-3138, serial number 830219, probably made in the 1960’s. Mechanically Gojira is rusty as, the carriage lever is being silly and the carriage isn’t advancing as it should quite yet. I’m sure after a good flush and more discovering of the typing mechanism it’ll be stumbling smashing paper like its namesake.
Time to invest in that rust stuff!

I’ve got a couple of videos of its rather distinctive typing mechanism but I might leave that for another post, WordPress is being silly and not uploading them… and I’m heading off to bed.

Thanks for reading the supplies guys!
(Just one more time, I love this GIF :D )


Pedometer Experiment – Trial 2








It worked pretty well I must say!
The clicker itself is very soft to touch and not over-responsive. Not heavy at all too. There’s no way to hit the reset button by accident as that button is pretty stiff. While waiting for the clicker to arrive I went straight to complicated-town on how to attach the clicker to the machine. Duct tape? An extra attachment? Pop sticks? Something anything?!
Who knew just chucking it on the space bar would just work awesomely?

I’m sure with more practice that the error margin will go down. Just a quick run down of having it on the space bar:


  • Kicked the problem of double spacing and error spacing – clicking on the button directly made the counting easy to track. Right hand clicking made the count, and anywhere outside the clicker isn’t a count.
  • clear visibility of the counter screen.
  • counter didn’t slip, stayed right where it was taped.
  • easy to set up


  • The counter ain’t a skinny one. It’s quite raised above the rest of the keyboard so it’s gets in the way of the lower banks. The height also got in the way of the type feel.
  • You have to hit the button on-the-spot. There was a couple of times I totally missed it and spaced the table top. Probably could make a larger surface area button thing. Hmm!

More. Testing. Please.
Test 2.2 the next night:





  • Kicked the problem of double spacing and error spacing – by positioning the button right under the right side space bar elbow I could make the  the far right end of the bar clicking count, and far left hand clicking not log in the count. The arm is  just high enough to little wuvvy kissy the button to make the +1 happen, and just high enough to not log in the count from the left hand side. Kapish?
  • No need to aim to hit the mark, ergo the higher accuracy.
  • Unhindered typing.


  • The counter ain’t a skinny one so I had to raise the thole typewriter up.
  • It was not easy to set up. I tried using this method for my Corona 4 and failed miserably!
  • Screen isn’t that easy to read.
  • I stuck the counter on the table cloth that sits on our tables. The counter moved out of place after awhile.


There’s heaps more to do for this experiment and there’s long winded type tests to be done! I’m pretty happy with the results so far even though it’s still a plus minus 5% error.
I think I’ll stop here tonight. My knees and ankles aren’t being nice today.

Thanks for reading guys.
Tried and tested on the trusty Blimey, Royal Model P.