Three P’s a partyyyyy

Prototype one -pffffft.
I used the knob from Blimey as a master mould…
PFFFFFT. Moulded mess.
Ah, functional rollers at last!  The typecast proves rollers are magic.
I have to start using this guy more.
*Little tick off my to-fix-list, insert little dance*
I’m thoroughly party pooped. Hope you’re having a great time everyone!

Typed on freshly repaired Verdell, 1931 vogue typeface Royal Model P with tabulator, in dire need of a ribbon change and typeslug clean out.

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Please Pose P’s


From the top left going clockwise: Emerald green, Tardis crinkle blue, Forest green, Lime green.

Ah yes, other then my slightly unhealthy obsessions of Adlers, I do also love the Royal Model P’s.
The colour variety and the vogue font is so very beautiful.
For this little while, I have these four Model P’s in the house.

Look at that paint! Also known Alligator Blue.

Shades of green – lime, emerald, and forest.
I’m making these color names up.
Here you can see the closed spool covers and that they all have the duo-tone colour scheme. The ribbon reverse mechanism was shifted from push buttons on the sides of the machine to a lever on the left side of the machine, replacing the huge Royal decal.

Lime green one has been named “Blimey” (for now) and needs a little bit more work on it and I will have another post for it. I’m loving it to bits. Numbered P233587, 1930 making it the next oldest of the four.
I’ve posted about forest green before – here. Numbered P272356, made 1931, numero tres.

Just a mere 3,551 machines later, this other piece was made – also in 1931 but with a little bit of difference. The two darker greens are not the same sort of green, pity the pictures didn’t really get it… right – forest, left – emerald.


Then I wasted about half an hour trying to fix the shift mechanism, bah. I still need to give it a good clean, and de-gross/gunk it.
Now the difference with forest and emerald is just a little one. See if you can spot it :)

Now I really must be going – hubs will be home soon and I’m supposed to be packing machines away!

GTCTTWWW results



So I finally got to fix my Model P Royal typer yesterday and today, and the biggest concern I had was crumbling feet and this massive splodge of a rust spot in the paper feed. The chrome around that area was already starting to peel, so I chickened out on doing too much on it. I’ve just smoothed it out and just put it back together. I had an idiot moment and actually jammed the platen back in and couldn’t take it out. Panic panic panic.
Lesson learnt: don’t be a hero and just shove the platen in.
Luckily the platen came out with a shove and yank with string.


Type slugs shot.


I can’t believe this is mine.
I need help to name this piece. I can’t think of anything suitable!