Wish List

This be the top on my want list. If anyone spots one or has one to sell do let me know! (natslaptaps@gmail.com)

  • Continental with special italics.
  • Micro font, 14 to 17 CPI
    Olympia Diamond No.3, Manuscript No. 4, Adler Ro 209 Diamond Gothic, Adler Ro260 Condensed small gothic, Adler Ro 346 Condensed small elite
  • Frakturschrift font
  • Schecksicherung (Check Perforater)
  • Remie Scout Model with san serif font
  • Two spool covers for a Corona 4 – a six slot one, and ribbon spools set for it.
  • More type sets for my Mignon 4 – currently have Plaketschrift (Bulletin), D.4.Kursiv (Italics), Frakturschrift (Fraktur) and Schecksicherung (Check Perforater)

Others that I’d like to have:

  • Cream and gold LC Smith Corona 4
    IMG_6580 - Copy
  • Yellow Royal Quiet Deluxe
  • Underwood Quiet Deluxe
  • Hammond

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