Three things I want to remember as a freelancer 

One: Not perfect is alright.

It’s hard being the slightly OCD person that I am. I’ve found myself coining in too many hours trying “fix a thing” just because I “kind of” didn’t like it. Just recently I spent something like 5 hours trying to find the right shade of green that was contrasty enough of web and legible in print.

The client was happy with whatever I first picked, but not me. Which brings me to the next point:

Two: It’s not all about “me”.

I suppose one of the pitfalls I’ve found is that now the client can fit around my schedule, what I feel like doing, when I feel like doing it and  how I want to do it. Sometimes you just need to procrastinate less and do it for the client because they’ll appreciate it… then you can:

Three: Appreciate yourself more.

Treat yo’self. Good, bad, big, small. I’ve been taking breaks now and again just to enjoy the moment.

Eat lots of ice cream.


  1. Good points.
    Number two sounds like me. Mrs. keeps me in line so I know it is not all about me even when I want it to be.


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