Pedometer Experiment – Trial 2








It worked pretty well I must say!
The clicker itself is very soft to touch and not over-responsive. Not heavy at all too. There’s no way to hit the reset button by accident as that button is pretty stiff. While waiting for the clicker to arrive I went straight to complicated-town on how to attach the clicker to the machine. Duct tape? An extra attachment? Pop sticks? Something anything?!
Who knew just chucking it on the space bar would just work awesomely?

I’m sure with more practice that the error margin will go down. Just a quick run down of having it on the space bar:


  • Kicked the problem of double spacing and error spacing – clicking on the button directly made the counting easy to track. Right hand clicking made the count, and anywhere outside the clicker isn’t a count.
  • clear visibility of the counter screen.
  • counter didn’t slip, stayed right where it was taped.
  • easy to set up


  • The counter ain’t a skinny one. It’s quite raised above the rest of the keyboard so it’s gets in the way of the lower banks. The height also got in the way of the type feel.
  • You have to hit the button on-the-spot. There was a couple of times I totally missed it and spaced the table top. Probably could make a larger surface area button thing. Hmm!

More. Testing. Please.
Test 2.2 the next night:





  • Kicked the problem of double spacing and error spacing – by positioning the button right under the right side space bar elbow I could make the  the far right end of the bar clicking count, and far left hand clicking not log in the count. The arm is  just high enough to little wuvvy kissy the button to make the +1 happen, and just high enough to not log in the count from the left hand side. Kapish?
  • No need to aim to hit the mark, ergo the higher accuracy.
  • Unhindered typing.


  • The counter ain’t a skinny one so I had to raise the thole typewriter up.
  • It was not easy to set up. I tried using this method for my Corona 4 and failed miserably!
  • Screen isn’t that easy to read.
  • I stuck the counter on the table cloth that sits on our tables. The counter moved out of place after awhile.


There’s heaps more to do for this experiment and there’s long winded type tests to be done! I’m pretty happy with the results so far even though it’s still a plus minus 5% error.
I think I’ll stop here tonight. My knees and ankles aren’t being nice today.

Thanks for reading guys.
Tried and tested on the trusty Blimey, Royal Model P.


  1. Yep, bravo, that’s science at its finest, good job! What you are essentially creating (and soon to patent and make millions from) is a typewriter-odometer. Once every typewriter in the world has been fitted with the Tantap Typerometer (c) the exact service intervals for every machine will be able to be established and adhered to based on word count. Also perfect for the struggling uni student trying to stay under their assignment’s word count. Very impressive Nat!


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