Olympia SM (surprise much)


Loving the new ribbon installed.

“Fell” was a name of a big, bad black wolf in a story I read ages ago about a wolf pack and magic. I can’t quite remember the name of the book right now, but I’ve been looking for it for awhile for another read.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a sieve like brain.
I can watch a whole series of shows and just forget everything in a year or so, and I can rewatch it again.


I thought the royalite was bad, but checkout the punch holes in the ribbon I got from the SM2. :/


Somehow, the all black is poking my senses in a nice way.
I do love the truffle shaped keys.
Hmmmm truffles.


Under da’ hood.
Cleaning it today I found two springs that dislodged itself and I spent two hours putting it back into place but I didn’t manage to, and I’m exhausted!


That decal is everywhere – on the sides, in the case!



I forgot to mention its weird double backspace. If I depress the key fully it goes back two spaces! If I “half-shutter” it it goes the normal one space.

Maybe I just have to type more on it to right the mechanism.

I think this is a very oxymoronic piece. The case had a full grown dust bunny cowering in the corner which the vacuum cleaner ate for dinner last night, and the machine itself had plenty of mini bunnies running amuck. (which, the horse brushes chased them into a corner and the bin gobbled them up.)
But when I opened him up to clean, he looked like he was reupholstered recently with nice felt, with sewing and all.

I just don’t know how the seller let it get this dirty and dusty.

Anyway, I know I’m spouting nonsense and doing this machine absolutely no justice whatsoever, so I should go and have that nap.
I really need a nap.





    1. Thanks Flynn! *grin and a thumbs up*
      I have yet to polish the chrome, but he’s really handsome as he is. :):)
      I’m just a tiny bit sad that top cover has a massive scratch and the paint on the right side is worn down.

      Oh oh! Does yours have the silly double back spacing thing too?

      Maybe they were made for ninjas.
      Typing away in the shadowssss….

      YES! OH MY GOODNESS it is! :D
      Have you read it???
      It totally blew my mind when I was 15 or something.


      1. If you’re feeling saucy, you could always give your new acquisition a custom paint job. How about red with a black racing stripe? Though, that wouldn’t lend well to any stealthy ninja typing you might want to do beneath a moonless sky. :D

        I’ve never run into any double-backspace problems on any of my machines. That’s quite the baffler. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for anyone that has dealt with the same problem.

        And yep, I read “The Sight” quite a few years ago. I was on a Brian Jacques “Redwall” kick and was looking for other good animal fantasy novels. The funny thing is that I read your mention of Fell and something perked up in the back of my brain. Then you started talking about wolves and magic and I thought, “Woah, woah… I know that book!”

      2. Yeah i was think about it, but I think I’ll be leaving Fell as he is. ;)
        I’m planning to do up about three typewriters I own with pretty nice colors, but I’ve got to get the facts right before I do any of them.
        Someone just posted three sky-writers with racing stripes. Did we read the same thing?
        Ah hahahaha, it could be the ninja’s secret day job then! :D

        Hmmmm. I thought it was a odd feature which leads me to believe that it’s probably just my machine. I’ll have to type out a really long letter – most of the time it helps to right the quirks.

        “The Sight” was a random book I got from the library and I’ve always loved the “Redwall” series! Apparently there was a book before “The Sight” that was pretty good by the same author, something about deers.

        I had the same reaction when you mentioned it in the comment! Well it was more like: “Woah, woah, WOAH someone else knows that book!!!”

        I’ve never been able to find it again in the library. :(
        Now I want to read it again, and “Fell”!
        Let the search begin!!!

      3. Oh, almost forgot: There was a follow-up book to The Sight, called simply “Fell.” I didn’t read that one, but I guess it focuses on Fell as the main character.

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